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You’ll never look at gingerbread the same again…

Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine – 4 New Cards Revealed

Joe Skrebels at IGN looks at some of the new previews for Throne of Eldraine.

Magic: The Gathering’s Throne of Eldraine Trailer Is a Cinematic Masterpiece & Brawl Is Coming to MTG Arena

Princess Weekes at TheMarySue reviews the trailer for Throne of Eldraine and looks at previews of Throne.

Magic: Arena is introducing a historic format for old cards, but there’s a catch

Chris Carter at Destructoid looks at arena new announcement about older formats.

New Planeswalker, “Oko”, Unveiled for “Magic: The Gathering”

Joshua Nelson at bleeding cool looks at the newest planeswalker.

Vintage After the B&R Announcement

Adam Yurchick at TCGplayer looks at the state of post-restriction Vintage.

Best of CFB

Deathsie on his Esports Career, Tetris-Shaped Dreams, and Road to Magic

Humans of Magic

2011 Standard CawBlade | Mining Modern

Corbin Hosler

Mono-Red Ferocidon – Standard | Channel Matt Nass

Matt Nass

The Restrictions Are Just a First Step Toward Fixing Vintage

Brian DeMars

Fastbond Ramp – Vintage | Channel LSV


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