This Week in Magic

This Week in Magic

Kim Homsma drafts his way to victory at Grand Prix Copenhagen

Joseph Wagner the master of Modern Horizons at Grand Prix Washington D.C.

A pair of Grand Prix, and a pair of worthy champions as thousands drafted Modern Horizons last weekend.

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Magic Arena is not Magic the Gathering

Diego Richitui at Gamasutra explains the differences between Arena and tabletop from a design perspective.

Dinosaurs coming back with Core 2020

MTG begins dinosaur revival with Core Set 2020 Marauding Raptor

Danny Forster at DotEsports covers a spicy new Dinosaur.

Scale Up: A Guide to Modern Infect

Jeremy Langevin at FlipsideGaming details his deck.

Legacy Esper with War of the Spark

Christopher Brunner looks at how War of the Spark can add to Esper in Legacy.  

In the End, the Grind Doesn’t Even Matter…

Sarah Zyla on Proven Combatants writes about why competitive Magic feels hollow.


ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Karn, the Great Creator of a New Vintage

Karn has transformed Vintage, and Andrea breaks down all the fallout.

Control, Snow, and Ninjas in the New Modern Metagame

Modern Horizons has likeways changed Modern forever, and Gabriel Nassif highlighted several of the new brews.

Full Standard Metagame and Archetype Win Rates from GP Kansas City

Tobi Henke provided an incredible statistical breakdown from Standard at GP Kansas City, a must-read for anyone headed to a large Standard tournament this weekend.

Grixis – Standard | Channel Reid


Arena Boys: Boros Feather


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