This Week in Magic

This week in Magic

GP Seattle Showcases Modern Horizons

Matt Sikkink Johnson drafted his way over the horizon to first in Seattle.


Mythic Championship III Highlights

Mattias Leveratto won the Mythic Championship III with Simic Ramp.


Best of the Web

Deck Tech and Gameplay: Esper Hero

Seth Manfield at TCGplayer Battles with Esper Hero


Three Burning Questions for Esper Players

Mike Flores at CoolStuffInc tries to find the best Esper deck.


Mythic Championship III: Wrap Up

Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish takes a look at what went down during the mythic championship.


Throwback To My All-Time Favorite Decks

Simon Nielson talks about his favorite decks from his career.


Mythic Championship III Report – Top 16 with Mono-Red

Raph Levy at Hareruya shares his report from the Mythic Championship in which he was one of the top four finishing challengers.


Best of CFB

How Modern Horizons Has Changed Pauper

Alex Ullman


7 Standard Lessons from Mythic Championship III

Frank Karsten


Esper Control at Mythic Championship III



Death and Taxes – Legacy | Channel PleasantKenobi

Pleasant Kenobi


Sperling’s Sick of It: War of the Spark and Modern Horizons

Matt Sperling


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