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An Open Letter to Cedric Phillips, Gerry Thompson, and the Pro Magic Community at Large

A.D Jameson has a fascinating look into where pro Magic is headed, and why Wizards seems to continually invest less into its competitive tournament scene.

The Importance of a Team

Martin Dang at MTG Card digs into the advantages of a testing team, and where they’re going as competitive Magic evolves.

Big, Bad Pauper Bogles

It’s everyone’s favorite archetype! Like ’em or not, Bogles are a metagame reality you have to be prepared to face (or pick them up yourself). Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc takes a look at the archetype in Pauper.

Developing Scapeshift for the New Modern Meta

Riley Knight at TCGPlayer tries to develop the best Scapeshift list for Modern.

Understanding Ulgrotha

What happens if you add Homelands to Old-School Magic?

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The Modern Cube Trophy Leader’s Guide to the Format

Luke Feeney, current trophy leader in the MTGO Modern Cube, shares everything he’s learned on his journey to the top of the leaderboard.

Izzet Drakes – Standard | Channel LSV

LSV’s wielding Crackling Drakes and Arclight Phoenixes in Standard with the list Owen Turtenwald took to the Top 8 at GP Milwaukee!

MTG Arena Is Killing Magic Online

The economy of the platform has already lost half its value.

Big Red – Standard | Channel Pardee Time

Sam Pardee takes a controlling take on red with Treasure Map, Rekindling Phoenix, and Siege-Gang Commander through a Standard League on Magic Online!

Can’t Stop the Rock

There’s no true paper in this metagame for Golgari Midrange.

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