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Artists Boycott MagicFests

The biggest story from last week, Vorthos Mike at CoolStuffInc published a letter signed by 33 artists (at time of this publication) explaining why they have decided to boycott MagicFests.

CFB Events AMA on Reddit

Mashi and Denis fielded questions on behalf of CFB Events last week, including a response to the artist boycott.

Mastering Golgari: The Complete Guide

It’s no longer the monolithic entity it once was, but Golgari Midrange is still one of the most important presences in the format. Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer gives you the keys to the archetype.

Snubhorn Sentry, I love you

Simon Nielsen at Snapcardster extols the virtues of an unexpectedly aggressive 0/3.

This Week in Legacy: GP Shizuoka Preparation

Sean Brown at MTGoldfish looks at the shape of the Legacy metagame.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Tuning the Grand Prix Winning Jeskai Deck

Adrian Sullivan’s GP-winning Jeskai list was an innovative take on the archetype. PV takes a look at his build and offers his suggestions.

Maindecking Rest in Peace in Modern

Cut Snapcasters for Rest in Peace? It might not be as crazy as it sounds.

My Most Important Takeaways from a Ton of Standard Testing

There are no more Standard events on the horizon, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing one of the most fun and diverse Standards yet.

Mental Mana Podcast: You Have To Have Fun, Featuring Melissa DeTora

PT Top 8 competitor and Wizards R&D member Melissa DeTora joins Will to talk about the importance of having fun at the highest level.

Arclight Delver – Legacy | Channel LSV

LSV ports Guilds of Ravnica’s hottest new red flyer into Legacy with a blue-red Delver shell!

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