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Jim Davis Plays Carnage Tyrant Golgari

Whether it’s still the best deck in the format is uncertain, but Golgari is still a force to be reckoned with, and Carnage Tyrant is a big part of the reason why. Watch Jim Davis at CoolStuffInc play a version that leans hard on the big green Dinosaur.

It’s Time to Add Karn to Golgari Midrange (Videos)

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer is ready to go even bigger than that by adding Karn to the mix to give Golgari even more late-game staying power.

Assassin’s Trophy In All Formats

Sensing a theme yet? Michael Bonde at MTGMintCard has a list for Assassin’s Trophy in Standard, Modern, and Legacy.

Let’s See the Results of the Two Standard GPs!

We’ve finally got some data for the new format across two GPs, and Pascal Vieren at Hareruya takes a look at what conclusions we can draw from the results.

Guilds of Ravnica First Look: Controversy Abound

Here’s a novel way to evaluate players’ Draft preferences: which cards in Guilds of Ravnica are the most controversial picks? Dan Troha has a comprehensive look at the data from Draftsim.

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Arena’s New Opening Hand Rule Has Radical Implications for How We Play the Game

Magic: The Gathering Arena introduced a new way to handle opening hands. It has a dramatic impact on mulligans, mana, and even deck choice.

It’s Harder than Ever to Feel Like a “Successful” Player in Magic—So Stop Worrying About It

You have to prioritize your enjoyment of the game over your achievements.

The Mind Games of Jace Versus Fetchlands

Could it ever be right to draw the card your opponent left on top with Jace if you have a fetchland? Frank runs the numbers.

Mardu – Legacy | Channel Mengucci

Check out this midrange variant packing Stoneforge Mystic, Dark Confidant, tons of disruption, and even Queen Marchesa!

How to Position Yourself Against Golgari Midrange

If you’re planning to play Standard, you need to have a plan to beat Golgari Midrange. Joel shows you the options.

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