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Tibalt Appears on Magic The Gathering: Chandra #3, Fandom Goes Wild

Richard Johnson at Bleeding Cool writes about the widely anticipated return of Tibalt… to comics, at least.

How Assassin’s Trophy Collected its First Modern Trophy

Assassin’s Trophy was pegged as one of the most important Constructed cards printed in recent history. Craig Wescoe takes a look at the card’s first impressions on Modern in a new Rock deck.

Drafting Dimir with Martin Dang

Some pros have Dimir as the top-rated archetype in Guilds of Ravnica Draft. Martin Dang at MTGMintCard gives you the blueprint on how to draft it.

The Many Faces of Pauper Tron

It’s somehow even more tempting to play Tron in a format where you can’t just sling game-ending Karns around. Why spend all that work on getting to 7 mana if you’re just going to win right away? Wouldn’t you rather cast some Mulldrifters and Mystical Teachings? Kendra Smith shows you all the great ways to exploit one of Magic’s cheesiest land engines in Pauper.

The Magic: The Gathering Arena Open Beta Top 8 Needed Improvements

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Exploring the Ravnica Sewers: Golgari Menagerie in Standard

With black-green dominating Standard, Gabe’s got what he thinks is the best possible list. He brings you a full breakdown and a sideboard guide!

The Road to Standard Trophy Leader

With his studies complete, Andrea’s free to study Standard—and play for a trophy.

Devious Cover-Up Is Already Changing Pauper

One new Guilds of Ravnica card is redefining the Pauper metagame.

Guilds of Ravnica Draft | Channel Reid

Jump into another Guilds of Ravnica Draft with Reid Duke!

Experimental Frenzy Storm – Legacy | Channel Mengucci

This week, Andrea’s got a crazy one: B/R Experimental Frenzy Storm!

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