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2019 Pro Tour Announcement FAQ

WOTC explains the new Pro Tour system.

Japanese Nationals

Kaladesh had its swan song at Japanese Nationals, and Masahide Moriyama won the whole thing with, what else? R/B Midrange.

From Around the Web

A Pauper History of Magic: ’94 – ’96

Pauper features a unique blend of cards from across Magic history, and David Wright at CoolStuffInc covers the best of them.

Top 10 Post-Rotation All-Stars

Craig Wescoe at TCGPlayer breaks down the best prospects following the big Standard rotation.

Monday Brews – Forest Fires

G/b and G/u are viable decks, so why not G/r?

Wizard Variants in Old and New Standard

Wizards looks promising in the new Standard, and Simon Nielson at MTGMintCard analyzes the possibilities.

How Much Will the Shock Land Reprinting Help Modern?

SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish looks at how the shockland reprints will affect their prices.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Magic in the Big Picture: How to Think of Life Beyond Magic

Join Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Sam Black, and Mike Sigrist at their latest Pro Points podcast!

The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#50-41)

Mashi Scanlan, Reid Duke, Brian Kibler, and Brian (the Deck) Weissman continue to break down the top Magic cards of all time.

The Pauper Championships at Grand Prix Richmond

56 players showed up to battle Pauper in Richmond, and Alex breaks down the best decks from the event!

The Best Premodern Decks from the Italian National Championship

Joel brings you another heaping helping of Premodern with the Top 8 deck lists from Italy and a new brew that abuses Squee with Compulsion!

Is U/W-Based Control the Best Deck in Modern?

Brian’s experience testing for GP Detroit leads him to believe that it is.

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