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The Hidden Cost of MTG

Once the English captain at the 2017 World Magic Cup, Niels Molle found that competitive Magic can take a real toll on your enthusiasm for the game, and shares some of the ways he learned how to mitigate it.

What Shock Lands Mean for Standard’s Mana

Riley Knight at TCGplayer looks at the impact of the return of the shocklands.

Magic: The Gathering’s Pro-Focused Broadcast Experiment Is Paying Off

In Richmond, we tried an entirely new approach to covering a Magic tournament, and Cameron Kunzelman liked it so much he wrote about it for Kotaku!

Ready, Set, Ral

There’s a new U/R planeswalker in Guilds of Ravnica, and Michael J Flores takes a closer look.

Reprinting Modern Staples in Standard Sets

It’s a constant battle to mitigate the rising barrier to entry for Modern, and SaffronOlive has a suggestion at MTGGoldfish.

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Hone Your Fundamentals with 3 More Easy Magic Puzzles: First Strike

Frank’s got some simple puzzles to help you keep your first strike skills sharp.

Mind Tricks, Fake Outs, and the Mental Subgame

Sam Black, Mike Sigrist, and PVDDR on the Pro Points Podcast.

The Best Deck Lists from the Swedish Premodern National Championship

Premodern has been exploding in popularity since Joel first covered it, and he brings you the best lists from Swedish Premodern Nationals!

How to Smell Blood and Level Up Your Game

In a followup to his article on improving your reads, Reid shows you how to sense weakness and take advantage of it.

Humans – Modern | Channel Mengucci

Andrea takes a break from Legacy to jump into a Modern queue with his favorite deck!

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