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The Importance of Having a Plan in Limited

Kayure Patel at Axion shows you how to plan ahead in your Drafts to make the most of every pick.

Magic: The Gathering Artists Denied Entry To U.S., Detained Overnight

Cecilia D’Anastasio interviews the three artists who were held overnight in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a much better digital game than previous releases

Look, it’s no secret that MTG’s prior forays into the digital space have left a little to be desired. South Morning China Post has an AP story on the big step in the right direction that is Arena .

Khans of Tarkir Limited – Morph, speed and archetypes

You can draft throwback set Khans of Tarkir on Magic Online, and Jaroslava Stefankova at Pure MTGO has a quick primer.

AJTV #20 – Legacy Death: Shadows and Taxes

AJ Sacher at CoolStuffInc has a video analysis of the Legacy semifinals of PT 25th Anniversary.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Pauper: Blitzing with Izzet Blitz

Once banned into oblivion, combo decks are back in force in Pauper.

The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#70-61)

Mashi Scanlan hosts Tom Martell, Brian Kibler, and Gerry Thompson.

Pro Tour Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Draft some of the greatest cards to win a Pro Tour in the history of Magic’s most prestigious event!

Getting a Read Isn’t Enough

You rarely know what’s in your opponent’s hand. You can only ever guess. Thinking probabilistically will bridge the gap.

Falling Just Short at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

For PV, despite a strong performance at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary and the Silver Showcase, it was hard to call either a success.

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