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Turbo Fog at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

Raphael Levy at TCGPlayer breaks down the deck of the Pro Tour.

Standstill on Top

Carlos Gutierrez at CoolStuffInc looks at Standstill in Legacy.

‘Magic: the Gathering’ Comic Book Returns With New Miniseries

Graeme McMillan at the Hollywood Reporter covers the release of the Chandra comic book.

Pauper Spellbook: Chainer’s Edict

John Messner at MTGGoldfish looks at Chainer’s Edict as a top removal spell in Pauper.

25 Years of Magic: My Story

Shane Garvey at PureMTGO talks about his relationship with Magic for a quarter of a century.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Blue-Black Death’s Shadow Deck Guide

TeamCFB unveiled a brutal new aggro-control deck that ports the enormous Death’s Shadow from Modern to Legacy!

“Oh You’re the Girl that Won a GP”

Winning a Grand Prix should be one of the best experiences in Magic, right? For Jessica, it wasn’t all celebration.

What To Do About Nexus of Fate

The buy-a-box promo for Core Set 2019 introduced a new problem that had been a long time in the making. Sperling discusses possible fixes.

The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#100-91)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Magic, we brought together the hivemind of ChannelFireball Pros, content contributors, and more to create the ultimate list: The 100 greatest Magic cards of all time.

Core Set 2019 Draft | Channel BenS

Jump in to another Core Set 2019 Draft alongside Limited master Ben Stark!

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