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Magic: The Gathering Office Hours: Karn, Scion of Urza

The Professor gets up close and personal with one of the game’s best planeswalkers and one hell of a cosplay artist.

Standard Revolution: Core Set 2019

Get Lee Shi Tian’s take on the best cards from Core Set 2019.

‘Magic the Gathering’ Is Getting Rid of Sexist Art—and Some Fans Are Mad

I remember being defiantly unashamed to play Magic ever since I escaped middle school, with one exception: some of the art was, frankly, embarrassing. Jake Kleinman at Inverse looks at the long overdue departure from that aeshetic, and the all-too-inevitable inevitable backlash.

Everything You Need to Know About Rochester Draft

Get a deep dive on one of Magic’s oldest and most obscure Limited formats with Raphael Levy’s Rochester Draft primer.

The Four Dimensions of Suncleanser

Michael Flores at Gathering Magic looks at the Constructed playability of Suncleanser.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Blue-White Control – Modern | Channel Nassif

Nassif returns to his old standby, Blue-White Control, with a few updates like Dragonlord Ojutai and Minamo!

Dear MaRo: Here’s What Wizards Can Do for Pauper

Mark Rosewater recently asked what WoTC could do to make Pauper better. Alex outlines his ideas.

Core Set 2019 Pai Gow Primer

Looking for a way to enjoy extra packs of Core 2019?

Goblin Trashmaster in Legacy

Deathrite’s departure could signal the return of Goblins, which conveniently just received a helpful boost from Core Set 2019!

U/W Stoneblade – Legacy | Channel GFabs

Gerard Fabiano makes a triumphant return with Legacy Miracles as he pilots it through a queue on Magic Online!

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