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YargleFest 2018

Stephen Johnson at GatheringMagic explains YargleFest and why we need it.

The Secret to the Success of White-Blue Control

Riley Knight talks about the unsung hero of U/W’s success.

Rough Drafts: Dominaria

Saffron Olive has Dominaria Draft video ready for the new format!

Can Pauper Be Fixed With a Ban?

Steve Jeltz at PureMTGO goes over the ban options for Pauper and why we might be required to slow down blue.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Closed Beta Impressions

Bass at Destructoid reviews Arena.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Mono-White Aggro in Dominaria Standard

Dominaria revived one of Magic’s classic archetypes, mono-white aggro.

The Return of Goblins

Dominaria brings back one of the most beloved tribes in the game and Frank takes a look at their prospects in all 3 formats with new cards!

Fast Jund – Modern | Channel Reid

In a format as fast as Modern, Jund needs to adapt to survive. Bloodbraid Elf added some horsepower, but Reid’s kicking it up a notch with a lower curve.

CFB vs. TCG: Canadian Highlander – Blue-Red Moon | Channel Marshall

Marshall Sutcliffe faces off against Corbin Hosler of TCGPlayer in a sweet singleton variant!

Brawling with Hapatra and Kambal

Brian DeMars got his first taste of Magic’s new casual format during prerelease weekend, and it’s a blast!

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