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A Beginner’s Guide to Paper Magic Etiquette – Sportsmanship in Magic: the Gathering

It seems like every voice in Magic piped up on this topic, and Kerry Meyerhoff at ManaLeak weighs in on the great handshake debate.

Prepping for Legacy and Standard in Seattle

All three of Magic’s major competitive Constructed formats are a blast right now, and Seattle offered a rare opportunity to play two of them! Seth Manfield showed you a little of his preparation for Standard and Legacy.

Magic: The Gathering’s Head Designer Reveals Exclusive New Cards from the Dominaria Set

Charlie Hall at Polygon interviewed Mark Rosewater who showcased some new legends.

Top 20 Wizard Enters-the-Battlefield Triggers (Exclusive Dominaria Preview)

SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish, with the reveal of Naba, Dean of Iteration, does a deep dive on the best abilities worth copying from across the long history of Wizards in Magic.

Hill Giant Cup 2018: A guest report from Joep Meddens

Joep Meddens at Old School MTG has a tournament report with a crazy deck featuring Ernham Djinn, Unstable Mutation, and Berserk at The Hill Giant Cup.


Is it Ever OK to Ghost Someone Playing Magic: The Gathering?

Ghosting is a controversial topic, and Marshall breaks it down today on the channel after popular streamer Micheal Jacob was ghosted in the finals of a Pauper Challenge on MTGO, sparking a community debate on the topic.

Pauper’s Growing Pains—Is it Time to Ban a Blue Card?

As Pauper gets more and more popular, the format needs some safeguards to keep it healthy.

Temur – Modern | Channel Reid

Reid takes a break from Jund to bring back a pet favorite with Tarmogoyf, Blood Moon, Ancestral Vision, Jace, and Cryptic Command!

The Arizona Pauper League at Grand Prix Phoenix

Pauper was a huge hit at Grand Prix Phoenix—thanks to everyone who checked out our booth and met with us!

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