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Cheating and You

This is an underappreciated issue: we’ve seen some of the high profile cheaters in the game on camera, but not once was it their opponent who sounded the alarm. Rudy Briksza at Gathering Magic shows you how to protect yourself from being cheated.

How I Chose My Deck for Kyoto

Yam Wing Chun at MTGMintCard writes about his deck selection process.

Brewing Standard and Modern with Dominaria

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer has some new lists cooked up with Goblins, Karn, Llanowar Elves, Mox Amber, and more!

Magic: The Gathering Arena is Intuitive and Addictive, Our First Impressions

The first reviews are in!

The Problem with Unique Promos

The Dominaria Buy-a-Box promo caused some controversy.



Could Wizards finally be a competitive tribe?

Jund, Revisited – Modern | Channel Reid

Reid Duke returns to his trusty standby as he continues to update and tune Jund for the Modern metagame in a League on Magic Online.

What is Brawl?! New Magic: The Gathering Format Announced

Commander aficionado and judge Eric Levine breaks down the new Standard Commander variant introduced today by Wizards of the Coast.

Should You Play Tapped Duals in 2-Color Limited Decks?

Two-color lands improve your consistency, but make it harder to curve out. What’s the optimal balance? Frank runs the numbers.

Verix Bladewing

Verix Bladewing is the perfect intersection between a decent midgame card and a potent late-game threat!

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