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The Art of Extracting Hidden Information

Find out the most you can about your opponent’s plans with Yam Wing Chun at MTGMintCard.

How to Ramp in Standard

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer shows you how to go big in Standard.

That Wasn’t Even the Worst Question…(GDS3)

Ever see one of those multiple choice questions that made you wonder if the test takers were just trying to see you fail? While the “Black-Green Serra Angel” question drew the most attention, Matt Sperling takes issue with a quite different question from that same test.

Exclusive Masters 25 Preview: Blood Moon

SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish previews one of Masters 25’s sweetest reprints.

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Reveals Epic Crossover with ‘Magic: The Gathering’

You can head to Ixalan in your next D&D campaign! Christian Hoffer at ComicBook has the details.


Bang for Your Buck: Blue

Blue cards can get pricey fast, and Rachel helps you separate the necessities from the luxuries to get the most out of your investment.

Exploring Pauper Murasa Tron

Alex kicks off his series with Murasa Tron, ChannelFireball’s first offering in the Pauper Legends series of pre-built tournament decks.

Bloodbraid Jund – Modern | Channel Reid

Watch the master of Jund be reunited with the progenitor of the archetype, the newly unbanned Bloodbraid Elf!

Mono-Red Sneak Attack – Legacy | Channel Mengucci

Why waste time with blue when you can just start sneaking in Emrakuls?

Pauper Elfball: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Elves, like Modern’s Affinity, can be one of the most brutally effective decks in the format—if you can navigate the sideboard hate.

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