Spoiler Spotlight – Strionic Resonator

Hey folks! I’m furiously organizing the cards in my house, trying to get to a state where I can efficiently build decks. Any particular reason, you ask? Why, I suppose I could tell you…

Those of you who know me know I love weird cards that do unique things, and this card is right in my wheelhouse. It’s also a tuning fork, which doesn’t hurt. This card has one extra bonus that I, as a judge, also think is cool: it teaches players about triggered abilities. That reminder text is great!

Let’s talk, then, about the cool things I want to do with this card. What are the awesome ways we can use this? What are the triggered abilities we want to copy?

[draft]Empty the Warrens[/draft]

Yep, storm’s a trigger. Hopefully you’re doing something fun with storm rather than Tendrils’ing the table out. A big [card]Hunting Pack[/card] would be cool, a big [card]Sprouting Vines[/card] could ramp you a lot, and a big [card]Wing Shards[/card] could wipe out an attacking force. Seems like fun!

[draft]Maelstrom Nexus
Maelstrom Wanderer[/draft]

Cascade is ALSO a triggered ability! Isn’t it nice that we’ve covered two of the most reviled mechanics in Magic already? Cascade is pretty fun in Commander, though, and I think that getting an extra cascade out of [card]Maelstrom Nexus[/card] or similar isn’t the worst plan. It’s pretty cool, to be honest!

[draft]Isochron Scepter[/draft]

Imprint sometimes triggers! Note that we’re entering rules weirdness territory since the CR updates don’t exist yet to cover Strionic Resonator (and I’m sure there will be updates) but it will probably work the way we want it to. How [card]Duplicant[/card] will work is another matter… (also, don’t ask me about hideaway lands and this yet.)

[draft]Wormfang Manta[/draft]

I came up with this at dinner but wanted to check the Oracle text of this card. Unfortunately, my phone was dead. Fortunately, Emily had a copy of this card in her wallet, because reasons. For the low, low price of one turn, when this card enters the battlefield, this card plus Strionic Resonator can get you two extra turns! Probably best if you can a) recur it and b) sacrifice it the turn it comes into play so that you just [card]Time Walk[/card] off the bat. The awkward thing about this is that you’re then playing [card]Wormfang Manta[/card], which, in other circumstances, is pretty awful. I recommend Stifling or Squelching the first trigger, but then again, now you’re playing more awful cards. Still cool though.

[draft]Oblivion Ring
Journey to Nowhere[/draft]

Again, assuming the card works the way we would assume it does, this allows you to double up on using cards like this. They probably get both of their things back when O-Ring or Journey go away, but making one O-Ring into two doesn’t seem bad at all.

[draft]Grave Titan
Sepulchral Primordial[/draft]

These splashy six- and seven-drops are chock full of delicious triggered abilities. For nine mana, you get double value out of your Primordial, and you can use the Resonator to get extra bonus stuff from your Titans every turn! Imagine two [card]Sylvan Primordial[/card] triggers—that just sounds unpleasant.

Deadbridge Chant
Debtors’ Knell
Snapcaster Mage[/draft]

Graveyard recursion is a big deal in Commander. Lots of players are looking for incremental value, and being able to out-value your opponents can sometimes make the difference between winning and losing. Being able to double up on effects like these can mean that you’re the one with all the cards in your hand/in play/wherever. Of course, Strionic Resonator also lets you get twice the value out of [card]Bojuka Bog[/card]…

Angel of Serenity
Avenger of Zendikar[/draft]

Of course, a lot of what we want to copy are big, splashy triggers. These are some great examples, especially Avenger, where we can copy both the “get a lot of Plants” trigger and the landfall trigger. [card]Bogardan Hellkite[/card], [card]Dominus of Fealty[/card], [card]Mulldrifter[/card], [card]Sphinx of Uthuun[/card], [card]Tyrant of Discord[/card]—these all seem like really fun triggers to copy, right?

[draft]Black Market[/draft]

I just want all the mana. All of it. And with this, you can have all the mana assuming you get enough counters on the Market. Combine it with [card]Grave Pact[/card] for maximum hilarity. (You can copy the [card]Grave Pact[/card] triggers too!) I feel like a large [card]Exanguinate[/card] or [card]Debt to the Deathless[/card] would more than make up for the time spent working on this little combo.

[draft]Prime Speaker Zegana
Kresh the Bloodbraided[/draft]

These are two Commanders with pretty cool triggered abilities. Zegana + Resonator will draw you a lot of cards over the course of a game, and Kresh + Resonator can grow him to hilarious proportions. Combo Zegana with Conjurer’s Closet for even more hilarity.

Although, if you wanted the perfect Commander to pair this card with—

[draft]Riku of Two Reflections[/draft]

—I think this would be the pick. He’s got two relevant triggers we can copy, and creatures with ETB triggers fit right into a Riku deck. Let’s take a look at an example deck I brewed up:

Commander: [card]Riku of Two Reflections[/card]

[card]Acidic Slime[/card]
[card]Bloom Tender[/card]
[card]Borderland Ranger[/card]
[card]Civic Wayfinder[/card]
[card]Coiling Oracle[/card]
[card]Craterhoof Behemoth[/card]
[card]Deadeye Navigator[/card]
[card]Diluvian Primordial[/card]
[card]Dragonmaster Outcast[/card]
[card]Eternal Witness[/card]
[card]Farhaven Elf[/card]
[card]Fierce Empath[/card]
[card]Frost Titan[/card]
[card]Hornet Queen[/card]
[card]Indrik Stomphowler[/card]
[card]Inferno Titan[/card]
[card]Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker[/card]
[card]Loaming Shaman[/card]
[card]Maelstrom Wanderer[/card]
[card]Master Biomancer[/card]
[card]Mold Shambler[/card]
[card]Molten Primordial[/card]
[card]Ondu Giant[/card]
[card]Oracle of Mul Daya[/card]
[card]Phyrexian Ingester[/card]
[card]Sea Gate Oracle[/card]
[card]Spellbreaker Behemoth[/card]
[card]Sphinx of Uthuun[/card]
[card]Sylvan Primordial[/card]
[card]Sylvan Ranger[/card]
[card]Wood Elves[/card]
[card]Woodfall Primus[/card]
[card]Yavimaya Elder[/card]
[card]Zealous Conscripts[/card]

[card]Birthing Pod[/card]
[card]Chromatic Lantern[/card]
[card]Coalition Relic[/card]
[card]Conjurer’s Closet[/card]
[card]Gilded Lotus[/card]
[card]Gruul Signet[/card]
[card]Izzet Signet[/card]
[card]Lightning Greaves[/card]
[card]Simic Signet[/card]
[card]Strionic Resonator[/card]

[card]Beast Within[/card]
[card]Ghostly Flicker[/card]
[card]Krosan Grip[/card]

[card]All Is Dust[/card]
[card]Explosive Vegetation[/card]
[card]Kodama’s Reach[/card]
[card]Rite of Replication[/card]
[card]Shattering Spree[/card]
[card]Unexpected Results[/card]
[card]Urban Evolution[/card]
[card]Greater Good[/card]
[card]Primeval Bounty[/card]

9 [card]Forest[/card]
8 [card]Mountain[/card]
7 [card]Island[/card]
[card]Alchemist’s Refuge[/card]
[card]Breeding Pool[/card]
[card]Gruul Guildgate[/card]
[card]Gruul Turf[/card]
[card]Izzet Boilerworks[/card]
[card]Izzet Guildgate[/card]
[card]Kessig Wolf Run[/card]
[card]Mosswort Bridge[/card]
[card]Reliquary Tower[/card]
[card]Simic Growth Chamber[/card]
[card]Simic Guildgate[/card]
[card]Steam Vents[/card]
[card]Stomping Ground[/card]

This list even has a lot of the stuff we talked about earlier, plus another M14 card ([card]Primeval Bounty[/card]) for value! Hopefully decks like this that do cool stuff and don’t break the game will be the ones that include my new favorite Commander artifact. (I tried really hard to come up with crazy infinite combos, but all the ones I could think of were combos without the Resonator, like [card]Disciple of the Vault[/card] + [card]Nuisance Engine[/card] + [card]Dross Scorpion[/card] + [card]Ashnod’s Altar[/card].) What do you want to do with Strionic Resonator? Sound off in the comments or Tweet at me! Until next time, enjoy doubling up!

-Eric Levine
[email protected]
@RagingLevine on Twitter


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