Spawn of Mayhem Is the Best Card Spoiled So Far in Ravnica Allegiance

Spawn of Mayhem is the card with the most potential so far from Ravnica Allegiance.

First, it’s a mono-colored card, which is a pretty big upgrade in a multicolor set like this, where every single color combination is available. You can pair this card with each and every one of the other 4 colors and it will still be a pretty solid addition to an aggressive deck.

Second, in the right deck this is a 3-mana 4/4 flying, trample with upside, which insane. We need to find the right home for it.

Along with this, we also got a new 1-drop for mono-black aggro that’s efficient and can come back from the graveyard:

Gutterbones is very similar to Gravecrawler, Dread Wanderer, and Bloodsoaked Champion. Those cards were always played in their respective Standard formats because they pushed aggressive black decks, and these two Ravnica Allegiance spoilers alone should make each of us carefully examine the other cards to see if we can find anything to pair with them.

Mono-Black Aggro

This is the bread and butter Mono-Black Aggro deck list that I came up and discussed in the chat of my Twitch channel.

I’ve always loved Ruin Raider, and played three copies of it at PT Dominaria. This is the right home for it, since you will always be attacking.
Midnight Reaper is strong but it’s somewhat weaker because you want to keep on drawing cards turn after turn. You don’t want your opponent to have control over you and decide when you draw a card.

Drill Bit is another new spoiler and it’s not a particularly good card, but I can see it as an additional sideboard slot to get rid of a Deafening Clarion or a Settle the Wreckage.

Let’s see what a Rakdos deck would look like instead:

Rakdos Aggro

You know that I’m a sucker for a good mana base, so once again, I took a look at Karsten’s mana base article to see that I need 18 black sources and 14 red, and here I have them!

I decided to add a few more Ravnica Allegiance cards in this list, so let’s discuss them.

I love this card. Rix Maadi Reveler is the perfect fit for an aggressive deck like this. It lets you smooth your draws on turn 2 to avoid flooding, which is one of the main problems of aggro decks, and its “spectacle” ability can be straight-up card advantage that is great on a 4-mana 2/2 body.

Pestilent Spirit will make your Carnival // Carnage, Lightning Strike, and potential burn in the sideboard lethal to any creature, but it is most importantly a hard-to-block threat. It might be that Ruin Raider or Midnight Reaper is the best card overall, but this one is worth trying.

I’m not entirely sure that Bedevil belongs in such an aggro deck, and it’s entirely possible that you should play 0 in the main and replace them with some Shocks, but I still wanted to include this because I’m sure this card will have potential, just maybe not in an Experimental Frenzy deck.

Finally, Carnival // Carnage is very underrated in these early days of Ravnica Allegiance. Getting to kill Llanowar Elves, Healer’s Hawk, or Fanatical Firebrand is no joke, and topping it off with a slightly overcosted Blightning will make this card playable in Standard.

I was also high on Integrity // Intervention in White Weenie but it didn’t end up seeing any play. I thought that it could have been a great addition to W/W/r.

I’m not entirely sure that Experimental Frenzy belongs in the deck because of how high the mana curve is, but I still think that it is a broken card that needs to be played wherever there’s a red aggressive deck!

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