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PV’s Playhouse – More on Mulligans, Part 1


Hello everyone!

My intention for this week is to write an article with a couple of mulligan situations. It works like this: I will select some opening hands, sometimes constructed by me and sometimes real, and present them today, and on Friday I will get some guests to discuss each of hands to figure out why you should keep or mulligan each of them.

Before you look at the hands, I would recommend you read my previous article on mulligans, on Starcity, which you can find HERE. It is of course not necessary, but the goal is to make you think about the concepts first, so that you can then apply them, and it’d feel kind of awkward to just throw examples in there without elaborating the theory first. If you happen to have any comments or questions about that article, please post them here and not there, as the article is somewhat old and I doubt I’ll read them otherwise.

I’ll list the decks so you know what you are playing. This is not to mean I think this is the best version of the deck or anything – it’s just a reference so you can properly answer the question. All the examples are against unknown opponents unless specified. The deck you want me to talk about might be missing, but there are some decks that I have close to zero experience with, such as UW in Standard or Living End in Extended, and then I wouldn’t really be able to talk about those.

Playing Conley Woods’ Bant deck from GP Oakland:

On the draw, 6 cards:


On the play, against Zoo:


On the draw, against Zoo:


Playing Saito’s Hypergenesis list:

On the play:


Playing Mori’s DD List:

On the play:


On the play, against the mirror:


On the play:


On the draw:


On the play:


Playing Emanuele Giusti’s Jund deck:

On the play:


On the draw, against UW with all the X spells:


On the draw:


Playing Nicolas Lambach’s Naya deck:

On the play:


See you on Friday,


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