Puzzle: War of the Spark Prerelease 30-Damage Extravaganza *Solution*

Welcome back to the another Possibility Storm puzzle!

What’s the sweetest play you managed to pull off at this past weekend’s War of the Spark prerelease? If you had any remotely similar to today’s big-damage puzzle, it must have been a heck of an event. Think you can navigate the new mechanics to deal a cool 30 damage in a single turn?

A complex Magic: The Gathering board state presented as a puzzle.

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  1. Cast Sky Tether on Shalai.
  2. Cast Chandra. +1 her to exile the top card of your library. (Remember: what it is doesn’t matter.)
  3. Attack with Grateful Apparition. Thanks to Angrath’s Marauders, it deals 2 damage, taking your opponent to 28. Use its trigger to proliferate onto Chandra and The Flame of Keld, triggering its third chapter to add two to all sources of red damage for the rest of the turn.
  4. Cast Jaya’s Immolating Inferno for X=1, targeting Truefire Captain, Chandra, and Shalai.
    1. For Chandra and Truefire Captain, because you control both of these permanents, you get to decide which order to apply the 2 damage replacement effects (Angrath’s Marauders and The Flame of Keld). The higher-damage choice for both is to apply the +2 before the doubling, so Jaya’s Immolating Inferno actually deals (1+2) x 2 = 6 damage to each of those permanents!
    2. For Shalai, your opponent gets to decide the order to apply them in, but even the lower-damage outcome will still deal (1 x 2) +2 = 4 damage to Shalai, destroying her.
  5. Both Truefire Captain and Chandra’s abilities trigger—target the opponent with both. Because the damage is being dealt to them, they once again get to decide how to apply the replacement effects. The lower-damage scenario in both cases is to double before adding 2, so the two triggers will deal: (6 x 2) + 2 + (6 x 2) + 2 for a lethal total of 28!

The War of the Spark competitive puzzle season opens tomorrow, April 30th on the Possibility Storm Patreon. Think you’ve got what it takes to take home some prizes? There’s only one way to find out!


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