Puzzle: First Strike Gets the Last Word *Solution*

Welcome back to the Possibility Storm War of the Spark season debut puzzle! Good luck to all those competing for this season’s prize pool.

In this week’s WAR season-opening puzzle, you’d have an easy way to trample through for lethal if not for your opponent’s pesky first strikers! Surely there’s got to be a way around it. Can you solve it faster than the current best time of 7m 12s?

The board state for the current Possibility Storm puzzle.

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There are a few small variants of the solution for this one. The one below is the most fun way to do it, but you can also do it without equipping Forebear’s Blade to Resolute Watchdog as long as you still take advantage of the blockers’ first strike and give indestructible to the right creature.

The Solution

  1. Cast Resolute Watchdog
  2. Cast Spark Harvest, sacrificing your army to destroy Evolution Sage. Move the Forebear’s Blade over to Resolute Watchdog using its triggered ability.
  3. Attack with both Dreadhorde Twins.
  4. One will be blocked by a greater number of creatures than the other. Sacrifice Resolute Watchdog to give the lesser-blocked Twins indestructible, and also use your Forebear’s Blade triggered ability to attach it to that same attacker.
  5. The result is a 5/2 trample attacker being blocked at most by a 3/1 first strike. Since the Watchdog gave it indestructible, first strike damage doesn’t destroy it before it can deal its own, and you trample through for at least 4 for lethal.

The War of the Spark competitive puzzle season runs Apr 30 – June 28 through Possibility Storm’s patreon campaign. Follow along below to see who’s going to take home prizes from Magic Core 2020 upon its release!

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Matthew Williams 1.5 5 Ethan Brown 1.3
2 Justin Francis 1.4 6 Adam Prusa 1.2
3 Allen Smith 1.4 7 Josh Oratz 1.2
4 Eric Fletcher 1.3 8 Will Jennings-Hess 1.1

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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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