Presenting: ChannelFireball Heart

From the same trusted place that brought you ChannelFireball Fire and ChannelFireball Ice, we at ChannelFireball are proud to present the next element in this Captain-Planet-themed naming system: ChannelFireball Heart!

Today I am excited to finally reveal the new ChannelFireball initiative that will increase the satisfaction and happiness level of the visitors to our site. ChannelFireball has long been the premier place to buy/sell Magic singles on the internet, but coming soon, ChannelFireball will establish itself as the premier place on the internet for all the singles who play Magic too!

ChannelFireball Dating Service

That’s right—I am happy to provide the details for the upcoming ChannelFireball dating service! Are you a Kynaios looking for a Tiro? Are you a Pia ready for a new sweetheart? Are you just interested in participating in some group hugs? Maybe you just want to find a reliable partner? Maybe you had a missed connection and are looking for a cathartic reunion? Whether you’re looking for any of the above or anything in between, ChannelFireball will have options suitable for you! And in order to fit in with the rest of the free strategy articles and free video content on the website, this new feature will be absolutely free!

New Relationship Content

For those of you out there who might be a bit wary at first about baring your heart to others through the new dating service, fret not. In addition to our normal, high-quality strategy articles and videos, you’ll also see a new type of content that incorporates dating advice and tips from your favorite ChannelFireball pros and personalities. As a teaser for the content in production already, we are excited to bring you hair-styling tips from Joel Larsson, fashion tips straight from Milan (or at least from Italy) via Andrea Mengucci, cooking advice for your first date from Luis Scott-Vargas (the first 6 episodes are already complete. Spoiler: They are all burritos), workout videos to improve your self-confidence from Reid Duke, guidelines for reading the signals while on a date from Marshall Sutcliffe, tips for your love letters via ChannelFireball’s editor Andy Cooperfauss, and even learn some dating game theory from Frank Karsten!

Although we are still in negotiations, we are hoping to bring you PV’s Penthouse, the long rumored spinoff of his popular PV’s Playhouse series. These fireside chats will be your place to personally send your questions to Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and hear his relationship advice on your specific situation. Remember, they don’t call him “of the Rose” for nothing!

Be sure to check back soon for updates on when your cold heart can start to soften. We estimate that Cupid will need to borrow about 100,000 arrows to meet demand, so please be patient in the meantime!

What other features do you want to see from the new ChannelFireball matchmaking service? What content would you like to see from our ChannelFireball contributors?

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