Old School in Vegas

If battling Shivan Dragons, Juggernauts, and Serendib Efreets sounds awesome, I’ve got just the format for you: Old School. Nowhere else can you see Flying Men with Unstable Mutation (the original Bogles), or White Knight and Icatian Javelineers getting pumped by Crusade, or Dark Ritual powering out Juzam Djinn. In case you’re worried it’s all creatures, there are plenty of Transmute Artifacts and Fireballs and even a Mind Twist or two (depending on how lucky you are).

Old School is a format where people play all of the sweetest cards, and aim to relive much of what brought them into Magic. The format includes, as the name suggests, sets from 1993 and 1994, and has a restricted list very similar to Vintage (with a few exceptions).

If all this sounds good, then I have just the tournament for you. Take a look!

Here are the details:

Where: Grand Prix Las Vegas
When: Thursday, June 14th at 11 a.m.
What: Old School (93/94 Magic)
Rules: https://www.channelfireball.com/old-school-9394-magic-rules/

Remember that Old School is a casual format, and the goal is to have fun. I can’t stress that enough—while there are prizes, part of playing Magic like it’s 1993 is hanging out and enjoying the company of your fellow competitors, including your opponents. I’m all for fierce competition, but this is way more like playing kitchen table Magic than it is a high-stakes tournament, so that’s how I’ll be approaching it (and I will be battling in the event as well).

On that note, we will be donating 20% of the entry fees to charity, and thanks to everyone in advance for participating to help that cause.


Maximum Capacity: 256 Players. 5 Rounds, Cut to Top 8
All participants receive a Promo Basic Land
1st: Championship Trophy + 1400 Additional Prize Tix + Beta Channel and Beta Fireball
2nd: 1,000 Additional Prize Tix
3rd/4th: 400 Additional Prize Tix
15 Match Points: 600 Prize Tix
13-14 Match Points: 400 Prize Tix
12 Match Points: 200 Prize Tix
10-11 Match Points: 100 Prize Tix

Each participant will also get a sweet playmat, which may look familiar to those who have opened any packs of Arabian Nights (I was lucky enough to open one that I won in a tournament, many years ago).

I hope to see everyone there!


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