NostraDeMars Predicts! Pro Tour Eldritch Moon

Have you ever wondered if you had prophetic or psychic powers? Me too.

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon is one day away. As you live and breathe, the majority of PT competitors are soaking up Australia’s local flavor and debating the merits of the final slots in their 75.

I opted to stay home and push my Silver invite to Dublin after the Visa fiasco. I’ll admit I’m more than a little jealous of those currently in Australia experiencing full-on PT excitement right now. Few things are more fun than a PT.

Typically, today’s article would examine last week’s Standard results and postulate potential angles to attack the metagame. I realized two things about writing such an article on the eve of a Pro Tour:

  1. Everybody testing for the Pro Tour would already be beyond such an analysis by now.
  2. Everybody else is anxiously awaiting PT results before making their adjustments.

I decided that instead of doing a formal analysis of a format about to potentially undergo an earthquake-style shake-up that I’d try my hand at predicting the future based on what I’ve observed thus far.

What Will the Top 8 Decks Be?

I’ve tapped deep into the Leylines here in Michigan and I prophesy the following Top 8:

  • 3 Bant Company
  • 2 UR Control
  • 2 GBx Control
  • 1 GW Tokens

If the Open results have shown you anything, it is that Bant Company is too good to keep down or bet against. The deck has been dominating ever since the release of Eldritch Moon and my crystal ball tells me it will continue to put up borderline dominant numbers at and after the PT.

GW Tokens is another deck that has been hanging around and quietly putting up great numbers in the hands of talented players like Osyp (who won an Open last weekend). With all the chatter about how dominant CoCo and Spell Queller are, people seem to have forgotten that GW Tokens used to be public enemy number one.

I also think there is a chance that controlling decks that overcompensate for Company could find themselves venturing into potentially soft territory against a deck full of planeswalkers…

Moving on, it also seems worth noting that any self respecting dabbler in the dark arts has to throw some love to the black-based control decks. My psychic reading was a little cloudy but I’m fairly certain that Sultai Control and Seasons Past are the best choices. Personally, I think Emrakul will do some damage in the Top 8.

Last but not least, my dark horse prediction is UR Control with Elder Deep-Fiend. The spirit world has told me that the metagame looks ripe for a UR-style Elder Deep-Fiend deck to do some damage in Australia. Despite the fact that the deck hasn’t made a mark on the Open series, I still foresee it striking hard in Sydney.

It is also possible that the best builds of this deck haven’t seen the light of day yet as pro teams have been waiting for the Pro Tour to unveil them.

There was so much hype surrounding Elder Deep-Fiend from so many top tier pros that I find it hard to believe the deck isn’t good. I think it is more likely that at least one team has a lights-out build of the deck that they are waiting to unleash upon the world.

What Will Be the Final Spell Cast at the Pro Tour?

What deck is going to win and how will they win?

I’ve always thought it was fun to predict “what will be the last card cast in a tournament.” Not only do you need to predict the winning deck, but also the spell that seals the deal!

If I were playing the odds, I’d predict Reflector Mage. Collected Company will be the most played deck in the event and it seems easy enough to imagine a Reflector Mage removing a blocker and making room for a game-ending alpha strike!

Today, I’m not going to play the numbers and will instead be going with my gut feeling.

My prediction is that a Sultai Control deck will end the tournament by casting Emrakul, the Promised End to end it all. Kind of poetic, right?

It is true that Emrakul might not technically be the final card cast (because some hapless finalist will be forced to cast their removal spells on their own creatures…)—I predict it is the card that, when cast, wins the tournament.

How epic would that be? Emrakul wins PT Eldritch Moon? Take that, Gatewatch nerds!

Who Will Be Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Champion?

I have several good friends playing in Australia who I will be rooting hard for this weekend. I decided that in the interest of not playing favorites that I would pick somebody I don’t personally know well and for purely academic reasons (err, did I say academic reasons? I meant “psychic” reasons…).

My pick to win it all in Sydney is Brian Braun-Duin.

First of all, I saw BBD playing a Sultai Control deck at the last GP I attended. I obviously have no idea what he’ll be playing, but at least there is a shot that my “player to win it all” and “deck to win it all” could overlap!

Secondly, from what I’ve seen of BBD lately, I think that he is playing at an elite level. I watched a few IRL matches and his play and table presence was Owenesque in terms of precision and intimidation. I also think his recent article content has been top notch, positive, and written with purpose. I think these are characteristics of somebody on the verge of having success at a big tournament.

So, I’ve got:

  • 3 Bant, 1 GW Tokens, 2 UR Fiend, 2 GBx in Top 8
  • Sultai Control winning it all by casting Emrakul
  • Brian Braun-Duin as Pro Tour Champion

What do you ladies and gentleman think of my picks?

Be sure to drop your predictions for Top 8, winning deck, winning card, and PT Champion into the comments! Also, bonus points to anybody who makes a wacky prediction that actually happens.

Good luck to everybody in Sydney! I foresee an incredible event.


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