War of the Spark has been officially released. War of the Spark Mythic Edition also went on sale last week. It did not go smoothly. This is your news from the world of Magic.

War of the Spark Mythic Edition

On May 1st War of the Spark Mythic Edition went on sale through Hasbro’s eBay store. The limited edition product contains 24 booster packs of War of the Spark, eight of which hold special full art, alternate art, and foil planeswalkers. This is the third set to receive a Mythic Edition and the second to go on sale through Hasbro’s eBay store. Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition was sold through the Hasbro Toy Shop website, which experienced numerous problems during the sale period.

The eBay page did not fare much better on May 1st. Once the product went on sale people were able to add it to their cart and start the check out process. But no confirmations went through. Payment was taken for over 40,000 products despite there only being 12,000 units available. This resulted in eBay and Wizards of the Coast issuing over 30,000 refunds. As War of the Spark Mythic Edition is a limited product, there are no plans at this time to print additional copies. Wizards of the Coast and eBay released this statement via Twitter.

Given the issues with both the Hasbro Toy Store and the Hasbro eBay store, one wonders if future Mythic Editions will be sold via another avenue.

ProGuides Making Magic Tutorials

ProGuides—a company that specializes in creating introductory videos for Esport brands—is stepping into the world of Magic. Due to the success of Arena, the company will be producing “how-to” videos of MTG Arena, starring Sean “Day9” Plott. The current plan is for 40 videos that will run for about an hour.

Information on the First Arena Mythic Championship

While we have had two tabletop Mythic Championships and have information on two more, we are just now getting the rundown on the first Arena Mythic Championship. Taking place from June 21st-23rd, the 52 player tournament will use best-of-three Standard and will feature a prize pool of $750,000, with $100,000 going to first place.

Out of the 52 slots, 36 are known: the 32 members of the Magic Pro League, as well as Andrew Elenbogen, Allen Wu, Ben Hull, and Gregory Orange. The final 16 slots will go to players who qualify on MTG Arena. The top 1,000 mythic ranked Limited and top 1,000 mythic ranked Constructed players from March and April will have a chance to play in the Mythic Championship Qualifier weekend May 25th-26th. The first day of the MCQW will feature a best-of-three Standard queue. Players will play until they reach eight wins or two losses. The top 128 players will qualify for Day 2 and be contacted via email. The second day will use the Direct Challenge feature and players will qualify with a 5-0 or a 5-1 record. If there are less than 16 players with the requisite 5 wins, the remaining slots will be determined by record and tiebreakers.

Looking Forward

Next week MagicFests return, and so do Grand Prix. The first stop will be in Madison and will be the third major event to feature War of the Spark Limited, but the first after the set’s release.