Have you seen the new uber-enchantment Starfield of Nyx?

This card brings me back to a distant alternate reality, sometime in the early 2000s. My brother and I were at our friend William’s house and we were playing Magic cards. William had got ahold of some gold-bordered Magic: the Gathering World Championship decks. That day I played with one of my first true combo decks.

Tom Van De Logt’s deck was fueled by big discard spells Attunement and Frantic Search. Replenish brings back your enchantments. Parallax Wave and Parallax Tide come in to take control of the game. Opalescence awakens the enchantment army and the game is won in style.

Starfield of Nyx is a tribute to this strategy, as the card offers a little bit of both Replenish and Opalescence.

I am interested in using this card in Eternal formats where there are more options for crazier effects. For Standard, check out Pascal Maynard here.

My first thought of Starfield of Nyx is to make an enchantment army. Legacy Leylines comes to mind.

The idea is to dump a hand of Leylines on turn 1, Serra’s Sanctum (or Crop Rotation), drop an Opalescence and win with damage the next turn. Starfield of Nyx could complement this plan, but I’m narrowing my focus to Modern.

Nykthos is both slower and more limiting than Serra’s Sanctum but it seems like the most competitive mana engine available.

We’re forced to rely on white Leylines, and Nykthos can’t come online until turn 3 unless Simian Spirit Guides are in use. But the promise is there.

White Leylines + Nykthos is an exciting start for Modern.

From white we have an extensive selection of utility enchantments to slow, disrupt, and control the opponent.

Imagine an Oblivion Ring as a 3-mana 3/3 that exiles any nonland permanents AND comes back into play from the graveyard with the help of Starfield of Nyx.

Mesa Enchantress is a fun option. I love drawing cards, but without shroud like Argothian Enchantress she provides a Lightning Bolt rod where before there was none.

Idyllic Tutor is a bit slow, but it will find what you need.

What about Rise of the Hobgoblins? This is a good source of Nykthos devotion early, and late game can come down with a swarm of tokens… those tokens getting a boost from Leyline of the Meek!

Anthem effects are really interesting with Starfield of Nyx. Honor of the Pure is a 2-mana 3/3 that pumps all other creatures. Spear of Heliod offers some extra devotion and Light from Within can go crazy.

Sigil of the Empty throne is a nice finisher next to Starfield of Nyx. Sigil provides flying creatures—Angels that are boosted by Leyline of the Meek and anthems.

Modern Leylines ft. Starfield of Nyx

Modern Leylines pushes in two distinct directions—you can go more controlling and take advantage of Starfield’s recursion effects, or you could go more blitz and try to rush the opponent with a nut draw.

My personality sends me in the aggro direction this time but moving in the other direction could work just as well.

The main disadvantage to this approach is the extreme reliance on drawing Nykthos, but I’m okay with that in this case.

White Leylines

This deck is more aggro but resembles many of the white enchantment control decks I’ve worked with in the past.

What I like about these decks is how absurd the hate cards can be. Cards like Leyline of Sanctity, Suppression Field, and Ghostly Prison can totally shut opponents down. Out of the sideboard you can go more extreme with Rest in Peace and Stony Silence—some opponents never have a chance.

What I like about this deck specifically is the excitement of the nut draw. While previous more controlling versions play for the mid- and late game, for this deck my heart thumps as I draw the opening hand—there is potential for craziness.

Modern Starfield of Nyx?

Modern Leylines does a good job with Starfield of Nyx but this is just one tree of options among a forest (err, Plains).

Crucially Starfield can return 10-mana Omniscience to the battlefield and my ears are perking up. With or without Open the Vaults, I can imagine heading down a dangerous alternative path:

What do you think? Is Modern Leylines the way to go? Or is breaking this with Omniscience your calling?

All ideas and brews welcome.