Masters 25 Preview Card

If you want an exciting Masters 25 preview, you’ve come to the right place. Today I’ve got a card that’s a friend to Painter’s Servant, Cavern Harpy, Jaya Ballard, Goblin Welder, Dream Stalker, Kiki-Jiki, and more. If you are wondering what these cards all have in common, besides being sweet, it’s that they have 2 or less power. The cunning among you have already figured out what card I’m talking about, and are eager to recruit some reinforcements.

This is a doozy. Not only has Imperial Recruiter seen a solid amount of play across all the formats where it’s legal (Legacy, Vintage, and Commander), but it’s a pretty hard card to acquire. That makes it an exciting reprint, and with new art to boot.

My first experience with Imperial Recruiter was back when Legacy was first being introduced to the Pro Tour circuit. Aluren decks and Painter’s Servant decks used this crazy Portal: Three Kingdoms card that was impossible to get, and I had never even heard of the card before then. The Aluren combo is especially funny:

Play Aluren.

Play Imperial Recruiter.

Get Dream Stalker, bounce Recruiter, play Recruiter again.

Get Cavern Harpy, and use it to bounce Dream Stalker, then Recruiter. Get Parasitic Strix (as of Conflux, though I’m sure there was some equally random win condition before that). Bounce Harpy and Strix until the opponent is dead.

Imperial Recruiter is now something people get to battle with, and there’s a lot it can fetch up. I haven’t run the numbers, but I’m sure there are thousands upon thousands of creatures it can tutor for, and many of them are even good!

I don’t know what’s next in M25, but this is a pretty spicy one.


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