Magic Origins Preview – Pyromancer’s Goggles

I’ve got a pretty hot preview card today, one that will lead to some very exciting turns. Apparently, the planeswalkers in Origins come with their own gear, or at least Chandra does.


This is quite the card. First, it taps for mana, which makes it do something by itself, though at a pretty steep cost. Copying spells is just absurd, and makes me think that this could be great in Standard. Copying a spell and playing it is way better than just drawing a card, because you are guaranteed to “draw” a spell and get to play it for free, which is worth some amount of mana as well. The balancing factor is that you need a steady stream of red spells to get value, though that should not be that hard to accomplish. A 5-mana artifact that tapped for a mana and a card would be insane, so there are some real payoffs if you make Chandra’s Goggles as close to that as possible.

The prospect of playing a turn-5 Chandra’s Goggles and using it immediately sounds awesome, and conveniently enough there are some very powerful new options that let us do just that.


Imagine casting Fiery Impulse off Goggles for a double Lightning Bolt, at which point you have a very good shot at stabilizing the board. Once you get to untap, there are tons of ways to get value, including some uncounterable ones.

exquisite firecraft

Once you have Chandra’s Goggles on the board, your opponent will (rightfully) feel that they are under incredible pressure. Every spell you draw counts double, the second copy gets cast for free, and each one requires multiple counterspells to stop.

Building a deck that plays a ton of burn spells along with a 5-mana artifact sounds like an interesting challenge. Bear in mind that Chandra’s Goggles are deservedly legendary, so a second copy of these Goggles does nothing (unless you are in the market to play a second and use it immediately after already using a first). I look forward to seeing what absurd cards get copied, especially once you start to think about Invoking the Firemind in Modern (which is probably more sweet than good).

The most likely home for this is as a finisher in a Burn deck, as playing a couple copies gives you a very good shot at killing the opponent from even a very high life total. It will be neat to see if some sort of red/X control deck works, as this is a very powerful draw engine in the right deck. Plus, using the Goggles has to be fun enough that it’s worth burning a little time trying all sorts of decks, right?


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