Ultimate Masters Exclusive Preview Card: Back to Basics

As more Ultimate Masters previews roll out, we get to see which exciting cards are being reprinted, and I’ve got a real doozy today from Wizards. If you’re in the market for punishing people for playing non-basic lands, this card is exactly what you’re looking for, and it doesn’t take a miracle to figure out how to use it in Legacy.

May I present to you the blue Blood Moon, Back to Basics!

B2B has long been a tool for blue control decks to lock out much of the field, from the old days of Extended (RIP that format) to current days of Legacy Miracles and Vintage Standstill. It plays slightly differently from Blood Moon, as non-basics get to tap for mana once before being rendered useless, but it also can come down when the opponent is tapped out and completely wreck them. This card has also skyrocketed in value recently, and is welcoem for a reprinting.

As a fan of Lands in Legacy, I usually sit across from Back to Basics, but I’m still in favor of making more copies available. This set is ticking a lot of important boxes when it comes to reprints, and this one of them.


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