LSV’s Play – Dragons of Tarkir Sealed

In the midst of Origins reviews, I still have time to figure out what the play is.

The Situation

whatsThePlay (1)

The biggest factor driving my decisions here is that the opponent has a lot of power in play. We have good attacks, and relevant spells to cast, but if we overextend we might just take a million damage. As great as that may sound, I’d like to avoid it if possible.

After looking at various permutations of attacks and plays, here is what I want to do this turn:

1) Attack with Dromoka

There’s no sequence I can imagine that doesn’t involve this. Sending just Dromoka at Sarkhan forces the opponent to either lose a Dragon or lose the ability to make a Dragon, all while not wasting damage by sending the morph at Sarkhan.

2) Try to stop the opponent from having good counterattacks

One way is to use Vial on the 4/2 and use the tapper on the 5/5, and the other is to just Sarkhan’s Rage the 5/5. This preserves our life total best, which is good because we have a sizeable board advantage. Alternately:

My Play

Attack Sarkhan with Dromoka and the opponent with the morph. Bolster on to the Dunecaster.

If the opponent trades 4/4s:

Cast Sarkhan’s Rage on the Elk, and look to trade Dunecaster for the 4/2. This is more mana efficient, because you aren’t locked into using the Dunecaster turn after turn, especially since you want to cast Destructor Dragon the next turn.

If the opponent doesn’t trade:

It doesn’t matter if the opponent chumps Dromoka or not, since as long as the 4/4s don’t trade we are led down this path. Use Vial on the 4/2, and plan on tapping the Elk Herd with the Dunecaster.

At the end of all this, we end up in a pretty good spot, and unless the opponent has some good plays, I’d expect to win this game.

Think you’ve got a play that can stump the readers, and me? Send it to [email protected] with a screenshot, and if I feature your submission you’ll earn $25 store credit at ChannelFireball.com.


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