In Development – Every Combo in Modern

We’re going to try something a little different this week.

I’m excited about the advent of Modern. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in Philadelphia, but I’m also just looking forward to having another intermediate non-rotating format to stand side-by-side with Legacy.

…and even though Modern’s card pool is not so deep as Legacy’s, it nonetheless has many options and interactions. With so little time before the Pro Tour, and just as an entrez to the format in general, I though it might be helpful for everyone to have a rundown of the known combos that they can expect to see in their first Modern tournament.

Bombastic title aside, I certainly hope that is not actually a list of every combo in Modern – we’re more imaginative than that.

This guide is meant to be a quick, easy-to-digest overview of all the combos, split up into reasonably logical groups. In addition, if you need a cheat sheet to carry along with you for testing or in the tournament, the PDF version is included at the end of today’s guide.

I hope you all enjoy the guide, and I look forward to hearing about the stellar combos that I missed.

(Click here for part 2 of the article.)

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