In the earliest days of Standard with Guilds of Ravnica, R/G Frenzy Ramp immediately got my attention, but I left behind just as quickly because of the lack of a payoff.

When Hydroid Krasis was first spoiled, ramp was the first deck I thought about, and today I’ll brew up an R/G Frenzy list with Ravnica Allegiance cards.

Big and expensive threats have always had the drawback of being clunky draws in the early game in any ramp deck, but Hydroid Krasis is more efficient since it’s versatile and can be played for 4 or 6 mana. Of course, you won’t get a great threat out of it, but it’s nice to have the option.

Temur Frenzy Ramp

With Dryad Greenseeker, Wayward Swordtooth, and Experimental Frenzy, you create huge amounts of mana. Llanowar Elves, Incubation Druid, and Treasure Map also help the cause in different ways, but whereas your final payoff was just Banefire and Fight with Fire before, now you can use all that mana to gain a lot of life and draw a lot of cards, leading to better threats and more versatility.

In Ravnica Allegiance we also get a new card that fits right into this strategy: Growth Spiral.

I even remember a 5-0 list playing Enter the Unkown—needless to say, this is a straight upgrade. Spiral will also help you clear the top of your library with Experimental Frenzy so that you are more likely to draw lands. Although you can’t play them from your hand, you can still find more from the top.

I believe Incubation Druid is an upgrade to Druid of the Cowl. It doesn’t block as well, but the fact that you can dump mana into Adapt and then have even more mana to cast your Hydroid Krasis is good. Post-sideboard, together with Rhythm of the Wild, this will be a Gilded Lotus for only 2 mana!

While tutoring creatures to your hand doesn’t particularly go well with Experimental Frenzy, I still think Domri fits in the deck. It helps find Hydroid Krasis and Wayward Swordtooth, and his +1 ability is very strong, as giving haste to a large flyer can be devastating.

This card would have been insane, and auto-included in any ramp deck like this, but unfortunately it goes very poorly with Experimental Frenzy, since again you don’t want to tutor for creatures that you can’t cast. Domri is fine because it’s versatile and can take the game over, but this “Ancient Stirrings” is too much for this deck. I’m confident it will find slots in other ramp decks.


I can see a plan of going aggressive post-sideboard, and a 5/5 haste dragon that can shoot Forked Bolts is worth a look. Kraul Harpooner has another super interesting interaction with Rhythm of the Wild since you can finally use its +X/+0 for value as you can attack with it the same turn it comes into play (credit to Mike Sigrist from Pro Points Podcast).

Hydroid Krasis can be exploited in other strategies as well, but I still find Experimental Frenzy broken, and want to maximize it as much as possible.