How to Draft BG Sacrifice in Modern Masters 2015

GP Las Vegas is over, but this doesn’t mean that we are done drafting Modern Masters 2015!

I didn’t have the chance to “Make Magic History” since I couldn’t attend any GP during that fantastic weekend due to university exams, but I did plenty of drafts at home and I’m positive that BG Sacrifice is overall one of the best archetypes.

I agree that BG is not the most busted archetype around, where 5C strategies or Affinity have the potential to be bonkers if they are open. But BG if often underdrafted and you can easily jump into it without any loss in consistency.

For this deck you need a good mixture of sacrifice enablers, token-makers, or creatures to sacrifice and you fill the gaps with evasive creatures and good removal spells.

Sacrifice Enablers

There are only 5 cards that let you sacrifice your creatures, but 2 of them are common and Bloodthrone Vampire can easily wheel, so you will always end up having a bunch of them.

You need those because of the synergies with cards like Reassembling Skeleton, or to make some use of the many tokens that you’ll have lying around that otherwise are close to worthless.

Culling Dais is a great card overall, but in this deck you have more than the normal amount of creatures to sacrifice, and this card can easily draw you 4/5 cards in the late game.

Creatures to Sacrifice or Token-Makers

Alongside cards I will be very happy to first pick, here there’s stuff like Kozilek’s Predator or Dread Drone to fuel the deck. Even Scatter the Seeds is a nice enabler if you want to have creatures to sacrifice for Plagued Rusalka or to grow your Algae Gharial.

The pillar of the deck is Reassembling Skeleton, and you should always try to get one. Trying to wheel it is dangerous—I recommend you always pick it if there isn’t a top rare in the pack along with it.

Evasive Creatures/Cards

Once again, other than the top rares, to make the deck work you need any number of Algae Gharials or Scavenger Drakes. Those are the creatures that make the deck very good. Some decks, like BW Spirits, simply can’t beat an Algae Gharial once it gets going.

Scion of the Wild can also be very good here, but you need to build your deck around it by picking cards like Scatter the Seeds higher than normal. If you go for that strategy I can see Overwhelm being playable, otherwise it’s a poor card for this deck.


Any deck needs removal spells to be good, but BG in particular needs quality kill spells because while you can easily handle the ground, you’ll have many problems dealing with fliers. Make sure you have 1 or 2 Plummets in your sideboard.

Aquastrand Spider is one of the few maindeckable cards that can deal with fliers. It’s definitely not a dependable solution, but it’s possible to move a counter onto one of your ground creatures and then give it reach. Bear in mind that Algae Gharial has shroud and not hexproof so it can’t be part of the this plan.

Speaking of removal, Bone Splinters is simply perfect because it lets you sacrifice an Eldrazi Spawn or Reassembling Skeleton to kill a creature for just 1 mana!

If you manage to have some Thieves of Hope or Scuttling Deaths I can see picking Nameless Inversion over it, either way I would pick the first Bone Splinters over Nameless Inversion but not the second.

I drafted this archetype online a couple of times, here’s how the decks ended up:

BG Sacrifice1


You see here great cards like Creakwood Liege, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, and 2 copies of Reassembling Skeleton. To top it all I also had the chance to grab Algae Gharial, good removal spells, and some ways to use those tokens. This deck is a Culling Dais away from perfection.

BG Sacrifice2


Great cards here too, featuring Primeval Titan and double Bestial Menace. Once again I have 2 copies of Reassembling Skeleton and Algae Gharial, but the removal isn’t that great.

I’m not a fan of splashing in this archetype, but Savage Twister is definitely worth it even if the only way to fix it is Primeval Titan and Alloy Myr.

BG Sacrifice3


This was the first draft I did, and also the one that let me understand how the archetype should be drafted. You see here many different plans: Sacrifice/Spirits/Eldrazi. It’s not the perfect BG Sacrifice that you should draft, but I posted this to show that things can be shaken up a little and even without focused synergies you can still win.

I hope you enjoyed this draft format as I did, and happy drafting!


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