Hour of Devastation Preview: Nimble Obstructionist

I have a sweet preview card for you today, and I’m sure Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa will be even happier than I am. See, Vendilion Clique is his favorite card, and what I’ve got to show you is the closest to Clique we’ve ever seen.

The combination of pressure, disruption, and overall value is a great one here, and Clique sees tons of play across all formats. Can we possibly be getting a card that compares to Clique?

Let’s take a look at Nimble Obstructionist and find out!

The first part of the comparison makes perfect sense—it’s also a 3/1 flying flash for 3, albeit at a slightly easier cost. Those are solid stats, and they allow you to pressure planeswalkers and opponents alike. This is the right combo of stats to cost to make Obstructionist a viable option for aggro decks or control decks, which is part of why I expect it to see a lot of play.

The cycling ability is the other exciting part of the card. By cycling it, you can counter all sorts of troublesome activated/triggered abilities, of which there are many (though I suspect you won’t be countering as many Ulamog triggers as you would have a month ago).

This stops planeswalker activations, Vehicles from being crewed (though they can re-crew if they have more creatures), snipes Evolving Wilds, owns cycling, and even can stop a Torrential Gearhulk from playing a spell. That’s not close to exhaustive, and I suspect that every single deck in Standard will have relevant interactions you want to stop.

Once you widen things to older formats, fetchlands are a big addition, and all sorts random triggers show up (Narcomeba from Dredge, miracles triggers, even possibly Griselbrand activations).

The sum of the parts here is impressive—getting Stifle plus card draw with the option of playing a 3/1 flier is a nice package. This offers pressure, card advantage, and disruption at a very reasonable cost, and I’d be surprised if this didn’t show up in Standard and even some older formats. The one main drawback when it comes to the Clique comparison is that you have to choose between pressure and disruption, as you can’t cast it and cycle it at the same time, but this is still a powerful and interesting card.


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