Hall of Fame 2013 Candidates – Tsuyoshi Ikeda

This is part of an ongoing series of interviews with potential Magic Hall of Fame candidates in the 2013 class.
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313 lifetime Pro Points
59 PTs played
4 PT Top 8s (6.7%)
0 PT wins
4 PT Top 16 (6.7%)
4 PT Top 32 (6.7%)
6 PT Top 64 (10.1%)
18 PTs at Top 64 or better (30.5%)
6 GP Top 8s
1 GP win (Niigata, 2009)
Median Finish: 123
3-year median: 67
Years in PoY Top 10: 0
Lifetime winnings: $142,642 (33rd)

[Editor’s Note: We appreciate Mr. Ikeda’s willingness to give an interview in English, as it is not his first language.]

What is your current relationship with Magic and how would that change if you were inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Magic is a foster parent for me. I will live with Magic forever if I make it into the Hall of Fame.

You’ve played in 59 Pro Tours, the most of anyone on this year’s ballot, yet most people seem to not consider that a big factor for the Hall of Fame. Do you think people perhaps undervalue longevity and how hard it is to stay on the train for so long?

I run a company and I have three children, so it was very hard to participate in the Pro Tour 59 times! I have appeared for two years in the official program of Magic (Japanese NicoVideo 30Programs). I have for many years contributed to the spread of Magic in Japan, but it’s not very well known outside of our country.

You have four PT Top 8s and 313 lifetime Pro Points, yet your name doesn’t come up as often as other people who also have four Top 8s. Do you think that the fact that you’re Japanese and not American or European hurts your chances?

As I mentioned before, I do not have the time to go to all the GP circuit, so my popularity is probably low.

We don’t often get to hear about what happens in Japan, which puts Japanese players at a big disadvantage when it comes to things like community contributions being considered for the Hall of Fame. Is there anything you’ve done for the Japanese community that you think is worth sharing?

I’ve written Magic articles for many years.

I have appeared for two years in the official program of Magic [NicoNico].

What other accomplishments do you have that are not listed on the stats page?

I represented Japan [at Worlds] twice.

Decks: Donate-Oath (Masters-Nice 2002 gateway win, 2 PTQ win)

What is your best memory from Magic?

My first PT, New York. It changed my life.

Have you ever written Magic articles? Can you give us the link to the one/ones you like the most?

They are not online.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a player, something you do better than most people?

I’m good at reading the thoughts of the opponent.

Do you have a preferred archetype?


What are your favorite deck and card of all time?

[card]Wrath of God[/card]

What’s your favorite format?


What Ravnica guild are you?


What is your Hall of Fame ballot this year?

Luis Scott-Vargas, Rich Hoaen, Martin Juza, Scott Johns, Mark Herberholz

Favorite movie?

M.I.B. 2

Favorite book?


Favorite food?

Udon (Japanese noodle)

Is there anything you’d like to say?

Lately, I’ve been working hard to spread MTG, such as appearing on a video for tutoring Magic.

Coming August, I’ll organize GP Kitakyushu too. I’m really happy If you think I am a good candidate for the Hall of Fame this year. Thanks.


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