Grand Prix Las Vegas Spotlight – Side Events

Hey folks! I’m back to talk more about the four most incredible days next May: Grand Prix Las Vegas. Honestly, wherever you are on Modern Masters weekend, we think it’s going to be an amazing time—between the three Grand Prix events, local store events, the online coverage, and even players who are just thinking about how cool the set is while doing whatever it is they need to do that weekend, we’ll all be a part of making Magic history.

I mentioned that Grand Prix Las Vegas is going to be a four-day event. Of course, the main event (or main events, if we break 5,000 players) will start on Saturday as normal, with Day 2 and the Top 8 taking place on Sunday. Obviously we think you’ll want to be there for those, but the fun starts on Thursday—if you want to get practice as well as the chance to open lots of Modern Masters 2015 packs, you should come early!

We’ve got a full side events schedule posted on the Grand Prix Las Vegas website now. Because this is going to be a huge event with fantastic side events, we want you to have the opportunity to plan your weekend in advance and play in the events that interest you. With that in mind, we’ve opened preregistration for almost all of the scheduled side events! If you already know what you’d like to play in, I’d suggest that you preregister now.

A few things I think you ought to know about that might influence when you arrive and what you decide to play in:

  • On Thursday and Friday we’re doing Modern Masters 2015 drafts for only $30—that’s $10 off our regular price!
  • At many of our Sealed events, we’re giving away the Grand Prix Las Vegas side events playmat—we can’t reveal that image yet, but we’re very excited about it, and we’re sure you will be too.
  • On Thursday, we’ll be giving the exclusive Grand Prix Las Vegas sleeves to all players in On-Demand Modern Masters 2015 Sealed Trials while supplies last.
  • On Thursday we’ll also be giving exclusive Grand Prix Las Vegas deck boxes to all players in our Modern Masters 2015 5-Round Swiss Trials.

Swiss Trials? What are those? Well, we’ve heard that some players prefer the ability to play 5 rounds of Swiss while taking a crack at winning some byes, so we’re opening that up as an option for Grand Prix Las Vegas. We’re running three on Thursday and four on Friday—all players who go 5-0 in one of those will receive two byes and a Premium registration upgrade so they can enjoy those two byes without having to show up for the player meeting at the start of the day on Saturday.

You might also have noticed that all of these events award prizes in the form of Prize Tix—those can be redeemed at the Prize Wall on site for various Magic-related items, like booster packs, supplies, singles, and more. We like to give players a chance to play the events they enjoy and win what they want instead of tying specific prizes to specific events—that way, you can play your favorite format and get what you want! We’ve done this for a few GPs now, but we’re planning to make our Prize Wall the biggest it has ever been for this event. You’re probably wondering what the redemption rate is like. We’ll post a list of booster packs and a few other items soon at www.GrandPrixVegas.com/schedule with more coming as we get closer to the event. To get things started, though, here’s a sneak preview:

Grand Prix Las Vegas Spotlig1

Yes, that does mean we’ll have plenty of Modern Masters 2015 product on site for you to win!

One last thing—all of our scheduled side events have max capacities listed on the Grand Prix Las Vegas website. We want to make sure these events run smoothly, so if you want to play, we encourage you to preregister now. Thanks for reading—I’ll be back next week with more info about the event!

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