GP Las Vegas Spotlight – 5,000 Players, and Registration

Hey folks! I’m back to drop some more #GPVegas-related knowledge on you. A lot has happened since we last talked. Back then we had just hit 4,493 players, which now seems so far away—we’re over 5,000 preregistrations now, so that record is comfortably in the rear view mirror. Watching preregistration tick up is really incredible—every player who preregisters now pushes the record up higher and higher, making us all part of Magic history multiple times a day. What a feeling!

Breaking 5,000 players also means we need to do a quick catch-up on Registration Rewards. Here’s what we’ve given away so far:

Unlimited Timetwister
Revised Plateau
Revised Badlands
Revised Savannah
Revised Taiga
Revised Tropical Island
Revised Scrubland
Khans of Tarkir Box
Fate Reforged Box
Dragons of Tarkir Box
Unlimited Mox Ruby
Foil Cryptic Command (LRW)
Foil Damnation (PLC)
Foil Linvala, Keeper of Silence (ROE)
Foil Noble Hierarch (CON)
Revised Tundra
Foil Sensei’s Divining Top (CHK)
Foil Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (ROE)
Foil Snapcaster Mage (INN)
Foil Arid Mesa (ZEN)
Unlimited Mox Pearl
Foil Marsh Flats (ZEN)
Foil Verdant Catacombs (ZEN)
Foil Scalding Tarn (ZEN)
Foil Misty Rainforest (ZEN)
Modern Masters 2013 Box
Revised Volcanic Island

Foil Dark Confidant (RAV)
Foil Mox Opal (SOM)
Foil Stoneforge Mystic (WWK)
Foil Avacyn, Angel of Hope (AVR)
Unlimited Mox Emerald

That Mox Emerald means we’ve hit four pieces of Power so far. Our next one is an Unlimited Mox Jet at 6,000—when do you think we’ll get there? Tweet @ChannelFireball with the hashtag #GPVegas and your guess of the date and time (PST) when we’ll get to 6,000 preregistrations.

Speaking of 5,000 players, passing that mark means that Grand Prix Las Vegas will be the first ever Grand Prix to split into two full Grand Prix events, with separate Day 2s, Top 8s, prize pools, and champions. A quick FAQ about that:

Q: I go to big GPs a lot, and they split all the time. This is hardly the first split. What gives, Levine?

A: This split is a little different. Those splits are Day 1 only—they’re still the same tournament, and they merge on Day 2 with one Top 8 at the end. We’ve got two full Grand Prix events, which means that you won’t be playing against anyone in the other GP at any point—if you and your best friend are in different events, you could both be Grand Prix Las Vegas Champions!

Q: Do I get to pick which GP I’m in? Can I request to stay in the same tournament as my child/spouse/parent/friend? Can I ask to be in the same tournament as Paul Cheon so that I can have at least one guaranteed win?

A: In order: No, no, and how dare you make fun of the 4th-best Cheon! The split is done at random in order to preserve event integrity, and the two tournaments will be of roughly equal size.

Q: Do the two GPs have awesome names to differentiate them?

A: Not yet, but thanks for the idea!

So, with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about something else exciting.

Grand Prix Las Vegas Spotligght1

That’s right, Vendilion Clique is back in Modern Masters 2015 with some awesome new art by Willian Murai. What you’re looking at here is the side events playmat—a thing of beauty, to be sure. In case you missed LSV’s article earlier this week, here’s how you get this playmat:

  • Play in a Last Chance Trial (Scheduled or On-Demand) on Thursday or Friday
  • Play in a selected scheduled Modern Masters 2015 side event—there are many throughout the weekend
  • Play in the Super Sunday Series (Sunday @ 9 a.m.)

Scheduled Side Events have a maximum capacity, so preregister now!

If you won’t have a chance to play in those side events, don’t worry—if you prefer the side events playmat to the main event playmat, just bring your clean, like-new main event playmat to our customer service desk between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Sunday of Grand Prix Las Vegas and we’ll give you a Vendilion Clique mat in exchange.

We also have awesome Vendilion Clique deck boxes and sleeves for Grand Prix Las Vegas—those of you who preregistered early are already getting a box and a pack of sleeves for being early adopters. If you didn’t make it before that deadline back in December, here’s how you can get your hands on those:

  • Planeswalker registration receives one deck box and one package of sleeves
  • Platinum Planeswalker registration receives two deck boxes and two packages of sleeves
  • Players in Modern Masters 2015 5-Round Swiss Sealed Trials on Thursday receive 1 deck box each
  • Players in Modern Masters 2015 On-Demand Sealed Trials on Thursday receive a pack of sleeves each, while supplies last

These are going to be beautiful, so make sure you end up with some: Preregister or upgrade an existing registration here!

That’s a great segue into our topic today—registration packages, specifically Planeswalker & Platinum Planeswalker registration! If you haven’t already registered for one of these awesome packages, I’m fairly sure you’ll want to after this, and if you have, you’ll probably be even more excited about Grand Prix Las Vegas after reading the descriptions.

You probably know what everyone gets for general registration, but let’s cover that really quickly so that we’re all on the same page.

  • Entry into Grand Prix Las Vegas—build a Sealed Deck with 6 packs of Modern Masters 2015!
  • Exclusive Grand Prix UltraPro playmat featuring art from Modern Masters 2015!
  • Grand Prix foil promo Griselbrand
  • Set of ChannelFireball Tokens
  • ChannelFireball life pad and pen
  • Exclusive Grand Prix Las Vegas 2015 token signed by Luis Scott-Vargas!

This is already sweet value. The playmat listed is, of course, the Las Vegas Etched Champion playmat, and the Grand Prix Las Vegas 2015 token is the incredible Luis Scott-Vargas Elemental token—you know, the one with the amazing mustache. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s move on to what gets added on at the Premium level.

  • Sleep-In Special (if you have byes)
  • Sealed pool preregistration

What’s the Sleep-In Special? Well, it means that for every bye you have, you get to show up one hour after the player meeting instead of at the player meeting itself—in short, you get to sleep in if you have byes. Whether or not you have byes, this level also includes Sealed pool preregistration, which means that you won’t have to participate in the “product pass”—the portion of the player meeting where players open packs of Modern Masters 2015, record the contents on a deck list, and then pass that pool of cards to another random player. Instead, you’ll receive a pool of cards that has already been opened and registered by a judge or ChannelFireball/Cascade Games staff member.

Let’s move on now to the really amazing Planeswalker level. Here’s what you get added on to your registration (past what you already have for General & Premium) if you purchase the Planeswalker package:

  • Access to the Planeswalker Lounges
  • Exclusive Grand Prix Las Vegas deck box featuring art from Modern Masters 2015
  • Exclusive Grand Prix Las Vegas sleeves featuring art from Modern Masters 2015
  • ChannelFireball stainless steel water bottle
  • ChannelFireball drawstring bag

The deck box and sleeves are the ones I mentioned before that feature the amazing new Vendilion Clique art. You may have seen our pro players or judges carrying around the ChannelFireball water bottles in the past—they’re quite nice, especially when you don’t have a ton of time between rounds to grab something to drink, and they’re good quality water bottles that hold up during travel, in my experience. The bag is a nice place to put all of your awesome swag, but of course, the best part of this package is access to the Planeswalker Lounges.

There will be multiple Planeswalker Lounges—that means you won’t have to go too far to get to one if you need a break. The lounges will feature seating and tables so that you can relax, chat, and playtest between rounds, charging stations so you can keep your phone topped up with battery power, and water coolers so you can keep those ChannelFireball water bottles full. There will also be a concierge at each location to give you your swag, answer your questions, and so on. Some of the lounges will have viewing access to the feature match areas as well, so if you’re done with your match you’ll be able to watch some amazing matches. We might add more features to the lounges in the future, so stay tuned, but we think this is a pretty great list already.

We’ve been saving the best for last—now, we have the Platinum Planeswalker package to discuss. Here’s what you get—and remember, the Platinum Planeswalker package also includes all of the benefits of the General, Premium, and Planeswalker packages:

  • Access to the Platinum Planeswalker Lounge
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet on Friday evening with artists and members of Team CFB
  • A ChannelFireball playmat signed by members of Team CFB!
  • A second Grand Prix Las Vegas deck box
  • A second set of Grand Prix Las Vegas sleeves

We’ve already talked about the deck box and sleeves, but getting a second one of each is pretty amazing when you think about it—there are only going to be so many of them! As for the playmat, here’s a picture of the mat with some signatures (and ChannelFireball President & CEO Jon Saso’s foot, for scale):

Grand Prix Las Vegas Spotligh2

Now that’s a nice playmat. Speaking of nice things, there will be plenty of them in the Platinum Planeswalker Lounge, which will feature cocktail tables, comfortable lounge furniture, a water station, a charging station, a tournament supply station with CFB life pads, pens, and sleeves, streaming coverage of the event, and a beautiful VIP overlook with a bird’s eye view of the venue and a window cling with the Grand Prix Las Vegas logo for awesome photos. Again, we’re looking to add more features to the lounges, so this list isn’t necessarily exhaustive. (We’re pretty sure it’s awesome, though.)

Finally, there’s the Exclusive Meet & Greet on Friday evening with artists and members of TeamCFB. This is going to be an amazing event with lots of really cool Magic personalities. As of now, here are the pro players that are confirmed for the Meet & Greet:

Andrew Cuneo
Ben Stark
Conley Woods
David Ochoa
Eric Froehlich
William Jensen
Jon Finkel
Josh Utter-Leyton
Matt Costa
Matt Sperling
Owen Turtenwald
Paul Cheon
Paul Rietzl
Reid Duke
Shahar Shenhar
Tom Martell

That’s an awesome lineup, and it’s not even a comprehensive list—between artists, more pros, and other Magic personalities, it’s going to be an amazing event. I’ve heard some rumors—unconfirmed ones so far—about the cool stuff that will be happening at the Meet & Greet, and I’m just hoping I’m famous enough to get in. (But you know what they say, if you have to ask…) This is going to be something to remember for years to come—if you have the chance, I definitely recommend the Platinum Planeswalker package.

All right! That’s all I have for today. Make sure you check out www.GrandPrixVegas.com to stay updated—and of course, remember to preregister!


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