Goblin Trashmaster in Legacy

With the ban of Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe, not only did WotC virtually “unban” Stoneforge Mystic, as she will be stronger than ever without Kolaghan’s Command everywhere, Goblins can also shine once again. The oppressive 1/2 for 1 isn’t around anymore to block Goblin Lackey. With the power level of the format diminished, it’s time for midrange decks to shine.

Goblins is great versus slower decks, such as Miracles, Death & Taxes, or midrange decks. Those decks made out the best after the ban list announcement.
It’s bad against Show and Tell, and there’s not much you can do there. On the other hand, you can bring in some sideboard hate and be fine against Reanimator.

In addition to the metagame help, Dominaria and Core Set 2019 brought some new tools to the archetype, which is a rare gift for a deck like this.

Everybody knows Goblin Chainwhirler—he’s a powerhouse against Young Pyromancer—which we will see less of without Gitaxian Probe around—and various green and white decks. He’s a versatile creature who’s good to have around in a deck with tutors such as Goblin Matron and Goblin Ringleader.

Goblin Trashmaster will also be a good one. Goblins that destroy artifacts have always been rare, and the only playable one used to be Tuktuk Scrapper, who is quite overcosted for what he does.

Goblin Trashmaster also costs 4, but it has a lord ability that will always make it fine even when you’re not playing against artifacts.

What’s good about Goblin Trashmaster is his synergy with Mogg War Marshal, letting you blow up the entire Death & Taxes board and swing the game in your favor.

I see a lot of people playing Warren Instigator or Goblin Piledriver, but after talking to some “Goblin specialists” and trying the archetype myself, I was most impressed by Mogg War Marshal.

The card seems underpowered, but in a deck where your main goal is to create an endless stream of card advantage, it follows the plan. Warren Instigator has merit, but the double-red makes it hard to cast in a deck with four Wastelands, three Rishadan Ports, and one Pendelhaven.

With this deck, you also invalidate your opponent’s removal spells. I was playing against Jeskai Delver and my opponent started to cast their Lightning Bolt and Swords to Plowshares on my Goblin Ringleaders when I was attacking with a bunch of tokens and Goblin Matron. The critical mass and card advantage is how you beat them, and Mogg War Marshal is a great turn-2 play to bolster that strategy.

The sideboard is still experimental—I’m not sure how good Blood Moon is in a deck that can’t cast it earlier than turn 3, but it is certainly good in some matchups.

With all that in mind, here’s my Goblins list, with my promise that you’ll get to watch a Legacy videos about the deck soon.

Goblins Legacy Test Deck

Andrea Mengucci

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