Exclusive Preview Card – Skirsdag High Priest

It’s preview time again, and I’m sure that everyone’s morbid curiosity has gotten the best of them. New cards!

First off, here’s the new [card]Stoneforge Mystic[/card] [card]Dark Confidant[/card] [card]Lord of the Unreal[/card]. By that, I mean it is a 2-mana creature that does something cute, though it is obviously quite specialized.

What’s the best way to get value from this card? It isn’t something you can just throw in a deck, but if you can get it to work, the High Priest will end the game rather quickly. You obviously need a ton of dudes, and most of them should be cheap, which clearly points to Vampires. Vampires also has the additional value of providing the next thing this needs: a stream of victims.

They don’t always need to be your creatures, but I’d be much more comfortable not relying on my opponent to play fodder to feed the Demons. If they do have guys, and you kill them, excellent! If they don’t, you need a way to offer up a sacrifice. My first inclination would be [card]Bloodghast[/card] and [card]Viscera Seer[/card], especially since the Seer can eat random non-Bloodghast guys if necessary. Still, if your opponent is running a creatureless deck, it is likely that the High Priest wouldn’t be my first choice of cards. Getting a 5/5 against Splinter Twin or Valakut is pretty slow, which more than likely relegates this to the sideboard.

Seeing as how Standard is actually rotating, I suppose this is a little more theoretical than actual, but if you replace Bloodghast and Viscera Seer with as-yet unknown future cards that fill the same role, the same comments apply.


It does seem like a pretty sweet sideboard card for creature-heavy matchups, since once you get one guy, they can’t kill the 5/5 without giving you another, which means they need to kill the Priest first. If you got to activate it in the first place, they probably can’t, and things seem like they are going well.

I also like what this guy implies. Morbid seems like a cool keyword, especially in Limited. It is the exact kind of mechanic that I love; it leads to awesome board states, like you trying to kill your own guy and them stopping you, and rewards people who can plan well. Overall I’m really excited for Innistrad, and am looking forward to when I can play with the set!



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