Entering the Coverage Bracket

As you may have heard, I’ve decided to join the coverage team for this next Pro Tour season. This is a big shift, so I figured I’d jot down a few thoughts about why, how, and what my next year is gonna look like. I would say these are frequently asked questions, but as of me writing this, nobody knows, so that would be a lie. Instead, we will pretend they are, when really they are just me trying to anticipate them. Hey, coverage is about building narratives, so I might as well start early.

What Does “Joining the Coverage Team” Mean?

I’ll be doing coverage for the four Pro Tours, the World Magic Cup, and the World Championship, each from start to finish. It isn’t clear how many Grands Prix I’ll be covering yet, but it will likely include some of those as well.

Are You Retiring from Playing Magic?

Definitely not. I’m deferring Platinum status for a year, since I have earned it for this upcoming season, and this isn’t me stepping back from the game. I still plan on streaming, making videos, recording a podcast (maybe), and playing plenty of Magic. It just so happens that my role at Pro Tours is going to start in the booth from Day 1, instead of waiting until I’m eliminated from the tournament (there’s a nice setup there if anyone wants to make jokes, too).

I also may play in the odd Grand Prix here and there, depending on what the coverage schedule ends up looking like.

Did Missing the Top 4 of Worlds on Tiebreakers Factor into Your Decision?

No, I just wanted to get my complaint equity in. Good question, whoever asked it.

Why Are You Doing this Now, Especially Given that You Are Finally Lucky Again?

I really enjoy doing coverage and really enjoy working with the coverage team. I’ve felt like I was moving towards doing more coverage already, and when the opportunity arose to become part of the team, I wanted to try it. It’s a new challenge, and one I’m greatly looking forward to it. I love playing high-level Magic (that’s another joke opportunity, if you are so inclined), so I can’t imagine never doing so again. I’ve played at a lot of Pro Tours, and I’ve never had the experience of getting to focus on coverage instead of playing.

What’s Going to Happen to Team ChannelFireball?

We are still figuring out details, given the upcoming changes to team structures at the Pro Tour. Despite my teammates complaining about my savage betrayal, Team ChannelFireball will continue on, and will still be great. I do plan on prepping for Pro Tours with the team as a way to stay in practice, though it won’t be in as active a role as before.

If You Top 8 the Next Pro Tour You Play, Does that Count as Top 8’ing Four in a Row?

Yes, definitely.

(No, not really.)

I’m really excited for the next year, and look forward to what it will bring. I’m also going to deliver a Worlds report this week, as plenty of fun stuff happened there (and am going to think about how I might structure coverage tournament reports in the future, as I’ve really enjoyed writing reports this year).



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