Depose // Deploy Is the Perfect Card for Blue-White Aggro

I’m a big fan of split cards. In fact, anything that adds versatility and game plan decisions is just plain awesome for the game. Split cards don’t get a lot of attention during spoiler season because they’re often very simple, and we put them aside because they’re not flashy.

I’ve played Fire // Ice in Eternal formats in the past and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Depose has a slight resemblance to Ice. The cards are obviously different cards in many aspects, but they are similar in that they are both probably better in a tempo or aggro deck. While scouring for places this card could find a home between existing cards and the few spoilers we have, Dovin, Grand Arbiter was the clear winner. We might have an actual blue-white tempo style deck once the full spoiler is released, but for now, I have this concoction.

Blue-White Aggro

Turns out Dovin, Grand Arbiter and Deploy both incidentally gain life—hello Ajani’s Pridemate!

They both make tokens—hello Legion’s Landing, Conclave Tribunal and Benalish Marshal!

I’ll need to actually start playing games before claiming that Dovin is better than History of Benalia and that Depose // Deploy is better than Heroic Reinforcements, but let’s start somewhere.

Depose // Deploy is interesting because the hybrid mana helps with mana consistency. You can still do something with it even if you don’t have blue, but it can also help you find blue mana because of the card draw.

Being able to have extra interaction while not messing with your gain life and go-wide synergies is a big deal. I’m pretty excited to get a turn where I cast Deploy end of turn, untap, cast Dovin, plus, and attack with all my crappy creatures to get a free Dig Through Time.

Let’s talk about what it means for the sideboard.

Spell Pierce sounds awesome here. I’m a little skeptical that the mana allows it, but if it means playing one or two Azorius Guildgate, I might take the leap. Or maybe I should consider cutting Benalish Marshal and play more Islands?

This card is nice. (Particularly with Collected Company, but let’s not dip into another subject.)

I left it for the sideboard because we can’t afford a million 3-drops in our White Weenie deck, but I can see it being better than Dovin in matchups that can easily attack it, like mirror matches or other go-wide/token decks. Maelstrom Pulse, Detention Sphere-type effects have always been known to be great against tokens.

With that said, Deputy of Detention seems like a great card that will find its way to a main deck for sure. I’m hoping for a full-on blue-white tempo deck where we can mix ideas from this build and Standard’s Mono-Blue Aggro deck. Curious Obsession is too good to not see more play.

Think Depose // Deploy is good? Let me know in the comments and even more so if you have other builds in mind!

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