Deck of the Day: U/W Monument

By the tail end of last season, Monument decks had started to fade from the spotlight. One last hurrah saw a single Monument deck tear through the Swiss at Grand Prix Denver all the way into the Top 8, and it felt like a fitting end for a cool deck. So many of the important cards rotated out, such as Bygone Bishop, Thraben Inspector, and perhaps most importantly Spell Queller. Not so fast.

Oketra’s Monument is a fantastic card for a white creature deck that looks to take advantage of going wide. It’s held back a little bit by the presence of cards like Abrade and Hostage Taker in main decks that can incidentally take care of it, but an unchecked Monument will take over the game. It represents several mana and a bunch of creatures over the ensuing turns.

Legion’s Landing is a great reason to play a Monument deck. You create plenty of token fodder to flip the Landing, and an additional land on the battlefield to capitalize on the cost reduction of Monument is excellent. Creating tokens every turn is incredibly frustrating for most fair decks.

You’ll need solid white creatures to get the most value out of your artifact. Cloudblazer is a great followup to a turn-3 Monument. You can cast it for 4, draw some cards, make a token, gain some life, and even have a flyer left behind.

Fairgrounds Warden is one of the best white removal spells in the format. You lost quite a few options, but luckily, Fairgrounds Warden is perfect for what you’re trying to do. A cheap white creature is ideal alongside Monument, and even if they deal with the Warden, this is an excellent tempo play to put you further ahead in the game.

Glory-Bound Initiate will often come down before Monument hits the battlefield, but it taxes their removal and is a large, cheap creature that demands more removal even after a Monument. Being able to play 2-3 spells per turn after Monument comes down provides an overwhelming advantage quickly.

Aviary Mechanic is another cheap threat that can produce lots of tokens with a Monument. Bouncing Cloudblazer is great for pure value, and multiple Mechanics bouncing each other for 1 mana each while producing Monument tokens is tons of fun.

We’ve seen the strength of Authority of the Consuls against red decks, and this is a card you can maindeck. It does most of the work a powerful sideboard option would do. Against red, this turns off all of their haste creatures from attacking the turn they enter the battlefield. It also keeps Whirler Virtuoso, Torrential Gearhulk, and The Scarab God from being nearly as effective. This is a great way to steal the tempo in just about any matchup.

Angel of Invention rewards you for going wide, and spits out a new army. A large, lifelinking flyer or a new board are both useful options for different situations.

Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun and Aven Wind Guide both play well with tokens and give you a mana sink late. Pumping a token and making it unblockable, or granting all your tokens flying and vigilance are both extremely strong. For another great mana sink and combo with tokens, you have Oketra the True. Oketra can block Hazoret for days, create more tokens, or threaten to hit extremely hard.

Not all of the white removal has rotated out, and you have access to Cast Out as a spot removal spell you can cycle, and Dusk // Dawn as a sweeper for large creatures and a late-game card advantage engine. Trade off your smaller creatures before wiping their large ones, then bring all of your creatures back! With a Monument, recasting all of your small creatures is easy, and you’ll even get a bunch of tokens out of the deal.

U/W Monument lost a lot, but it also gained some powerful weapons in Legion’s Landing and Kinjalli’s Sunwing. With a card as powerful as Oketra’s Monument, you’re always going to have something powerful on your hands!

U/W Monument

SWPC, Top 16 at an MTGO PTQ

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