Deck of the Day: U/R Kiln Fiend (Pauper)

If you’ve been around Standard the past couple of years, you’ve seen the U/R Prowess deck featuring cards like Stormchaser Mage. Or similar decks putting up some solid results in Modern and Legacy thanks to staples like Monastery Swiftspear. Well, Pauper has some pretty awesome creatures with turbo-prowess, too.

Kiln Fiend is a creature you can resolve on turn 2 that can win the game on turn 3. While the Fiend’s toughness will remain unchanged, getting an additional 3 power for a single spell is a massive bonus. If you’re able to combine free spells, protection spells, and something to give Kiln Fiend double strike, you can deal 20 really early on.

Nivix Cyclops has a little bit more toughness at the cost of an additional mana, so it’s slower but also resilient to Lightning Bolt.

Temur Battle Rage gives these decks the firepower they need. Not only are you giving your creatures +3 power by casting the TBR, but double strike and trample allow you to finish your opponent with the help of very little else. If you can play two other spells, the TBR will launch you all the way up to 20 damage as early as turn 3.

Pauper also has some insane free spells thanks to Phyrexian mana. Gitaxian Probe does it all. You get to make sure the coast is clear, draw an extra card, and pump your team all for 2 life and 0 mana. Mutagenic Growth can save your creatures from removal spells while pumping them up for no mana investment.

Pauper also just happens to feature many of the best card draw spells in the history of Magic. Remember those 1-blue cantrips that were banned in Modern due to their power level? Yeah, you get to play 4 copies of both Preordain and Ponder here in Pauper. These dig through your deck quickly to find more Fiends, TBRs, or whatever else you may need.

You also have Brainstorm—that card defines Legacy and is restricted in Vintage—to keep digging deep and protect your key spells from discard. If you need some more free spells to rip through your library, how does Gush sound? Your deck is so cheap that Gush will often provide you with an additional land drop to cast more spells in the same turn.

You’re going to be tapping out to kill your opponent, so you’ll need some free countermagic. Luckily, you get to play Daze to also pump your team and counter spells for free.

Sometimes they have the removal and the mana to pay for it, but Apostle’s Blessing can stop all of that for a single mana. The Blessing can also provide a way to bust through opposing defenses when they leave up too many blockers of the same color.

Augur of Bolas may not be dealing the damage of Kiln Fiend and Cyclops, but it does provide a nice blocker and a way to dig for your key spells. Literally half of your deck can be found off Augur, so you have an incredibly high likelihood of cashing in for value.

I love these decks that can churn through their libraries to find the key pieces of the puzzle. Doing it early on in the game with a sweet combo is just icing on the cake!

U/R Kiln Fiend

TARKANMAG, 5-0 in an MTGO League

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