Combining the usual suspects of a Gift deck with some spicy combo potential leaves you with a potent concoction to take into battle for your next Standard tournament.

Gate to the Afterlife combines with God-Pharaoh’s Gift to cheat the artifact into play. It requires a large number of creatures, but otherwise plays to the game plan by letting you loot and gain life to survive. Champion of Wits is the perfect catalyst to include more creatures in your deck, get other creatures into your graveyard, and find the key pieces you need to set up.

Minister of Inquiries provides more bodies to trigger your Gate, as well as the perfect cheap way to fill up your graveyard with hits. Trophy Mage can give you an effective way to tutor up Gate to the Afterlife so that you can realize your plan A.

Most decks that rely on God-Pharaoh’s Gift focus on Angel of Invention as the win condition. Angel becomes a large lifelinking, flying, haste creature that can get you out of rough situations.

This deck doesn’t stretch the mana to play white or creatures that it isn’t looking to cast. Instead, you’re focusing on Marionette Master. The Master is a win condition that plays extremely well with Gift. By triggering Gift on a Master, you can either make a 7-power Master to win the game with your other creatures, or a 4/4 Master token and a trio of Servos to create additional triggers.

Metalwork Colossus doesn’t seem like it would make a ton of sense in a Gift deck. The only noncreature artifacts are the Gifts themselves, and of course Gate to the Afterlife. While cheating Gift onto the battlefield does make Colossus very cheap to cast, if you have a Gift on the battlefield, you don’t really need a 10/10 creature.

Instead, this gives you a combo. If you get a Colossus into the graveyard and put a Master into play, the Colossus gives you a way to sacrifice artifacts like Gift along with your Servos to end the game on the spot. Because the sacrifice is part of the cost for your Colossus, you can respond to your first sacrifice by activating the ability again.

Walking Ballista provides additional early interaction, a sweet combo with Gate to the Afterlife that you can easily trigger, and more artifacts you can send to the graveyard after your Master is in play.

Hope of Ghirapur does a lot of cool things in this deck. It’s an early threat to get in damage, it’s another artifact for your Master, and it’s a pretty solid hit with Gift as another evasive threat that comes back as a 4/4. You can sacrifice the Hope whenever you want to trigger Master, and if you happened to get a hit in already, you can stop the opponent from responding to your combo.

Glint-Nest Crane is usually pretty weak in Gift decks. It’s a good way to make it more likely that you find your Gates, which is important, but it will miss quite often. This deck goes from the usual 10-13 artifacts and moves up to 15, making the Crane a formidable threat.

With the ability to win quickly and with a sweet combo, you’ll want to find the pieces ASAP. Strategic Planning and Chart a Course both give you options to dig into your deck, find your Gates and key creatures, and get Masters, Colossus, and other key creatures into your graveyard.

Gift decks are great and we saw the power of straight U/W Gift with Refurbish at Pro Tour Ixalan. U/B Gift, however, wins in a much sweeter way!

U/B Marionette Gift

VCRAVALANCHE, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League