Deck of the Day: R/G Ramp

The best part about ramp is that you have the best late game in the format. Casting bigger and more powerful spells than anyone else can put you in a great position, assuming you can survive the rush of the aggressive decks to hit those payoffs.

The new Hour cards from Hour of Devastation are exactly what this deck is looking for. Hour of Devastation is a fantastic sweeper that hits just about everything. Being able to get rid of early creatures, problematic planeswalkers, and Gods is incredibly important in this format. When they can’t fight through your sweeper with Chandra or Hazoret, they’re forced to hold back in order to not get massacred by the new wrath.

Hour of Promise is even more important to this deck. It’s hard to make a playable 5-mana ramp spell, and even an effect as powerful as Nissa’s Renewal, which gained a bunch of life, struggled to make the cut in Standard. Hour of Promise asks that you play a decent number of Deserts, but the payoff is there. Not only do you have the option to get more Deserts to get a pair of Zombies, but you can also search out some Shrine of the Forsaken Gods to ramp straight up to Ulamog. If you happen to have 3 Deserts in play, you can have both!

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is the biggest payoff in the deck. Shrines will help you get there, and an early Ulamog is lights out for just about everyone. World Breaker is a slightly cheaper and more efficient threat that also happens to come back from the graveyard if it’s killed . Walking Ballista is the only other creature in the deck, and it’ll stop an early rush or make use of your ramp spells to become a massive threat late.

Gift of Paradise will help fix your colors while also gaining a bit of life—a nice combination for a ramp deck. Weirding Wood will give you a bit of card advantage while getting you from 3 to 5 to cast either Hour of Devastation or Hour of Promise.

Traverse the Ulvenwald acts as an extra land early or an Eldrazi late. It lets you play fewer red sources and can even find a nonbasic land when that’s what you need.

Kozilek’s Return gives you an additional sweeper, which you can upgrade to 5 damage easily with all of the Eldrazi in the deck.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance gives you yet another threat that can come down early and win the game. Chandra ramps you to World Breaker, kills a creature, and win the game on her own if left unchecked.

Abrade gives one more flexible piece of removal to handle the early rush or late game Gearhulks. Having answers to Heart of Kiran is always nice! Harnessed Lightning makes sure you have even more early interaction that can ramp up to take out bigger creatures in the late game.

R/G Ramp got some powerful Hour cards from Hour of Devastation that really make the deck competitive going forward. With the ability to sideboard even more cheap removal and sweepers versus aggro and big, hard-to-deal-with threats versus slower decks, ramp could be tier 1 in the new Standard!

R/G Ramp

Shintaro Ishimura, Top 16 at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation


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