I can’t remember a time when Standard has been a brewer’s paradise on this level. Ramp, sweepers, and some of the format’s coolest finishers come together in today’s deck.

Hour of Promise is a fantastic ramp spell, but it really requires you to want 7 or more mana. Once you’re already at 5, ramping becomes a little less desirable, but it sees play in Modern Valakut strategies that have no Deserts, so it’s certainly got the pedigree. In Standard, you get to play utility lands and Deserts to cash in with 4 power and toughness across multiple creatures. You also have access to lots of mana, meaning that you better have some ways to take advantage of that!

With the big spells in this deck, you’re going to need some more ramp. Getting to Hour of Promise  on time is key. Thunderherd Migration gives you a Rampant Growth if you have 1 of your 10 Dinosaurs in hand. Its floor is just another 3-mana ramp spell, which is acceptable in Standard. Spring // Mind is exactly that, but it will give you some late-game power as a way to cash in for a couple extra cards. Gift of Paradise will ramp you, fix your colors, and even give you some life for your troubles.

Treasure Map combines ramp with card advantage. The Map will let you scry a few times before giving you an extra land and a bunch of Treasure that you can exchange for cards.

You’re looking to cast some really expensive spells and you’re going to need to survive to do that. Sweltering Suns provides a nice early-game sweeper that can be cycled in matchups where it isn’t going to be useful. Hour of Devastation cleans up bigger creatures and will even wipe the board of opposing planeswalkers. Abrade provides early interaction and a key ability to kill Vehicles or God-Pharaoh’s Gifts.

You’re going to need some creatures to both make your Migrations actually cost 2 mana and to make sure that you’re surviving to the late game. Ranging Raptors provides an early body that is happy to trade off in combat and get you an extra land. Ripjaw Raptor demands non-damage-based removal or the cards will start flowing. Both of these enrage Dinos work with your damage based sweepers to get some extra triggers.

Once you have your mana in play, it sure would be unfortunate if a removal spell or counter ruined your day. Carnage Tyrant laughs in the face of both. Tyrant hits hard and can’t be interacted with by opposing spells. The only way to deal with Tyrant is with a sweeper that most players don’t use in Standard or through blocking with several creatures. Your own sweepers will keep the Tyrant alive and clean up the opponent’s board to end the game.

Ok, I hinted at going really big… how does Zacama, Primal Calamity sound? We don’t see many 9-mana creatures in Standard, but this deck not only runs Zacama but has access to 3 copies! Zacama has a slew of abilities and demands an immediate answer. If you get to untap with Zacama, you tend to win the game, and Zacama just happens to untap all of your lands! From there, you can shoot down all opposing creatures and gain a ton of life. Your opponent might use their Vraska’s Contempt with the untap trigger on the stack. At this point, you untap your lands, and slam down the second Zacama to win the game.

Zacama may be the biggest spell at your disposal, but it’s not the only insane late game you have. Sunbird’s Invocation demands very specific answers and will start doing crazy things as soon as you untap. With so many expensive spells in your deck, you’re sure to chain some action together, and there will even be plenty of games where you can play the Invocation and a big spell in the same turn thanks to all the ramp you have. If that wasn’t enough, you have another expensive game-winning enchantment in Sandwurm Convergence. This can shut down the opponent’s ability to win as you’re making a 5/5 each turn and making sure that cards like Rekindling Phoenix and Glorybringer have to hang back on defense!

If you’re looking to go big in Standard, playing ramp, all the sweepers, and some Zacamas sounds like my idea of a good time!

Naya Hour of Dinos

PXFOLIO, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League