Remember Bloodbraid Elf and how powerful that card was? It was so good that it ended up getting banned in Modern. Well, there’s an even better cascade creature that has never seen the light of day outside of the Legacy format.

Shardless Agent is so powerful that there is an entire archetype built around the card. As a 2/2 for 3, this is not the most menacing of threats, but as you’ve seen from your good friend Bloodbraid, the cascade mechanic is incredible.

This being Legacy, not only do you get to play 4 copies of Brainstorm, one of the best cards ever printed, but you get to combo them with the Shardless Agents. Being able to put the card you want to cascade into on top of your library is an incredible tool packed full of value. In fact, if there is a card in your hand that you don’t want that costs 3 or more mana, you can put that card on top and the card you want to cascade into below it, and you get to move the unwanted card out of the way.

The best combo to set up with Shardless Agent is Ancestral Vision. A free Ancestral Recall is one of the toughest things in all of Magic to defeat. The fact that Vision is so powerful on turn 1, but can still be turned into value with Brainstorm into Agent later in the game is a critical part of the deck’s success.

The other creatures at your disposal are all excellent to cast or hit off of a blind cascade. Deathrite Shaman is yet another card deemed too powerful for Modern that can be used to accelerate, gain life, or finish a game off while incidentally disrupting a number of combo decks. Tarmogoyf is just a vanilla creature, but it’s so large and so cheap that it’s one of the best ever printed. Baleful Strix seems a bit innocuous, but it’s an evasion creature that draws a card and can trade with anything. It’s even an additional card type in the graveyard for Tarmogoyf as both an artifact and a creature.

The biggest downside to playing a Shardless Agent deck is that cheap countermagic doesn’t work because of cascade. You do, however, still get to play 4 copies of Force of Will. With cards like Ancestral Vision already in your deck that you may not mind pitching, Force of Will is a great piece of interaction.

You also get tons of hand disruption. Thoughtseize is awesome in midrange decks, and Hymn to Tourach is an essential piece of disruption and card advantage for just 2 mana. Liliana of the Veil also acts as hand disruption while keeping powerful creatures under control. The ultimate can eventually end a game as well.

Rounding out the deck are some excellent removal spells. Abrupt Decay kills many of the most powerful creatures in the format, in addition to problematic permanents such as Counterbalance. Maelstrom Pulse and Dismember can kill some of the bigger threats and either offer card advantage or removal at just a single mana.

Shardless Sultai is one of the most consistent and powerful midrange strategies in Legacy. It’s essentially a Jund deck with access to Ancestral Vision and Force of Will, giving you much more game against some of the most degenerate decks in the format.

Shardless Sultai

Lukas Blohon, Top 8 GP Prague