Deck of the Day – Human Bant Company

Bant Company continues to put up impressive numbers across Magic Online—just not the versions we saw at the beginning of the format. Merging two successful decks into one super deck has been a prominent trend of late, and it works here with traditional Bant Company alongside UW Humans.

Collected Company is so powerful that it’s practically begging you to build around it. Widely considered the most powerful card in Standard, it may also be the most powerful card in Modern as well. Being forced to play a ton of creatures with converted mana cost 3 or less would be a huge restriction in many eras of Magic, but with the power level creatures have been pushed to recently, it’s probably the right way to build your deck already.

Humans decks are already looking for a low curve. Getting on the board early with a Thraben Inspector or a Knight of the White Orchid to then have your team pumped by Thalia’s Lieutenant presents an impressive clock. Human Company decks have the option to play additional 1-drop creatures, such as Kytheon or Town Gossipmonger, but they aren’t necessary. The 1-drops and aggression are critical in Mono-White Humans, less so in a deck that can take advantage of the mid- to late-game with the power of Company.

Thalia’s Lieutenant is the real all-star as a way to pump your entire team or to create a huge monster. Where you choose to deploy your Lieutenant really depends on how your curve lines up, but there’s certainly no wrong way here. A Company hitting 1 or more Lieutenants is an incredible combat trick to put counters on your entire team.

Reflector Mage is the best of the bunch and has been oppressive in Standard since printing. The new Human all-stars, however, are Lambholt Pacifist, Duskwatch Recruiter, and Tireless Tracker. The Pacifist certainly doesn’t hold to its name in this deck, as a Dromoka’s Command or Lieutenant allow it to attack immediately. It’s also relatively easy to flip in a deck filled with instants like Company. You’ve seen the power of the Recruiter in most Bant Company lists and that goes double here. As a Human to get pumped by Lieutenant, Recruiter can also help find more Lieutenants to create an unbeatable board state. Tireless Tracker is the pure value Human that gets out of control quickly.

Combining the power of Humans, and namely Thalia’s Lieutenant, with everything Bant Company does makes for a formidable threat. What you lose from not playing Sylvan Advocate (which, mind you, you could still play if you really wanted to), you pick up in spades with a turbo creature anthem you can often get out at instant speed. The power of Lieutenant with Ojutai’s Command to bring it back at instant speed has the deck truly firing on all cylinders!

Bant Company and Humans were the top 2 decks in the field at the beginning of the season, and merging them together yields a true powerhouse. The most interesting aspect of all, however, is the sideboard, where this deck can actually transform into GW Tokens! With Gideons, Nissas, and more Archangel Avacyns, this deck is equipped to keep attacking from different angles and keep the opponent guessing at all times.

Bant Company Humans

DADAWSON, 5-0 in an MTGO Standard League


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