Winning the game is important, but how you win the game also counts for some necessary style points. An opponent on zero permanents is definitely the perfect victory, and this deck is capable of some crazy explosive draws to make that happen.

Griselbrand and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn might be the two most powerful creatures in the history of Magic. When you look to Legacy Sneak and Show decks, these are the creatures of choice. Emrakul can’t be hit by virtually any removal spell, and Griselbrand gets you back into a game from behind with lifelink while also refilling your hand to make sure that you’re going to win the game. Getting these creatures into play leaves you in an incredible position, but getting them into play with haste tends to win the game on the spot. The swing from Griselbrand netting you at least 7 more cards, or an Emrakul annihilating your opponent’s battlefield, should just end the game.

There are a couple of great ways to accelerate getting these bad boys and girls into play. Goryo’s Vengeance is the cheapest, but it requires some setup cost. Getting one of these legends into your graveyard can lead to a 2 mana spell sending them across the battlefield. Goryo’s Vengeance being an instant means that you have an opportunity to respond to Emrakul’s shuffle trigger by putting it onto the battlefield. The rest of your graveyard will still get shuffled in when the trigger resolves, but Emrakul will be in play and ready to attack. Through the Breach is a bit more expensive, but it also gives you a way to dodge popular graveyard hate and instead get one of your powerful creatures into play and swinging.

Goryo’s Vengeance may only cost 2, but if you want to bring back an Emrakul, you need to cast another spell and still have 2 mana. Through the Breach cost 5, so fast mana is key to this deck’s success. Simian Spirit Guide is the best option as it accelerates you with an additional mana and can’t be countered like most Rituals or shut down by Stony Silence like many other accelerants. Pentad Prism is a great way to set up for turn 3 kills. A Prism on 2 can leave you with 5 mana on turn 3—the perfect amount to make sure that you can set up a Goryo’s or cast Through the Breach.

Digging deeper into your deck is great, so Serum Visions early to set up your turns 2 and 3 is great. Cards that dig deeper and can also put your Emrakuls and Griselbrands into the graveyard are even more important. Faithless Looting is the best of the bunch as it only cost 1 mana, so you can easily set up a turn 2 Goryo on Griselbrand, or you can turn 3 cast Looting into Goryo’s on Emrakul. This also gives you some late game digging potential by flashing back Looting, and if you incidentally get it into the graveyard, that’s additional value.

Pieces of the Puzzle gives you a way to dig for multiple pieces while also potentially putting key creatures into your graveyard. A Pieces of the Puzzle on turn 3 after casting Pentad Prism can net you a Goryo’s and potentially mill an Emrakul, giving you the full setup to win the game.

Izzet Charm and Collective Brutality both give you some power and flexibility. They’re both removal spells, both give you interaction in either the ability to counter an opponent’s spell or make them discard a card, and give you the option to discard cards. In a similar vein, Thoughtseize gives you some early interaction and a way to clear the path, but it also doubles as a 1 mana way to put a giant creature into the graveyard to Goryo’s back if you target yourself!

A fast combo deck that can’t just be hated out by cards that interact with the graveyard puts the opponent in a tough spot. Swinging in and triggering an Emrakul is one of the best feelings in the world, and no deck does it better than this!

Goryo’s Breach

JIMMYSETZER, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League