The best ways to win in Standard are The Scarab God and Hazoret, right? Not necessarily.

This deck can take advantage of everyone playing big spot removal spells by going wide and using creatures that provide card advantage. Tokens are a great way to punish opponents who play cards like Cast Out, Essence Scatter, and Vraska’s Contempt to answer the Gods of the format.

Sram’s Expertise provides tempo and is the best way to go wide in the format. Call to the Feast has been putting B/W Vampire strategies on the map, and Sram’s Expertise provides the same number of creatures and a mana advantage. Servo Exhibition adds another way to create multiple creatures out of a single spell.

The explore creatures are great for providing efficient threats or card advantage. You can put eternalize and embalm creatures into the graveyard or lands into your hand to get further ahead. As 2-power creatures that draw card(s) at their floors, Merfolk Branchwalker and Jadelight Ranger make sure you hit your land drops and find the spells you need.

Adorned Pouncer is a great target for pump spells, but it also plays well against removal in the format. While there are effects that can exile the Pouncer, using up 4 mana for a Cast Out or Vraska’s Contempt to deal with your 2-drop is a great trade. Getting to eternalize into a huge threat gives you an excellent late game. A single Sacred Cat fills out your curve. It’s the perfect spell to explore into the graveyard and another way to go wide.

Legion’s Landing is in an interesting position with Sacred Cat. The Cat is better with explore to set up a “free” embalm, but Legion’s Landing is incredible in a deck with four copies of Servo Exhibition to flip as early as turn 3 with consistency. With lots of token makers, this provides more mana and a mid-late game threat that is extremely hard to answer.

The biggest innovation to this deck by former Magic Online Championship competitor Lighdar in taking down the MTGO PTQ was to center the deck around Vehicles as opposed to the normal aggressive creatures of G/W decks. The full playset of Aethersphere Harvester provides a nice threat that can dodge a lot of removal and be crewed by any token you may have laying around. Beyond that, you have three copies of the big ship in Skysovereign, Consul Flagship. While one copy of the boat has made its way into decks here and there, to see so many copies in a list really shows how important this is to the strategy. The Flagship dodges all sorcery-speed removal and sweepers, thought it can be exiled by a Vraska’s Contempt like most threats. You can choose to play around your opponent’s open mana by not crewing, take down a creature or planeswalker immediately, and fight Glorybringers in combat all day and live to tell the tale.

The “best” card in these G/W strategies is Appeal // Authority. This can make any threat into a massive problem and tap down multiple blockers for cheap. Making a double-striking Pouncer massive will end the game, and you have flying lifelinkers in Aethersphere Harvesters to close out a race.

With the full playset of both Hashep Oasis and Shefet Dunes to get all of that sweet Desert value in a token strategy, this list has all you could want to be able to take down your next Standard tournament!

G/W Token Ships

LIGHDAR, 1st place at MTGO PTQ